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    I'm just curious how you go about getting a drivers uniform? Well, actually just the shorts. Believe it or not I have some family members requesting the famous brown shorts (not sure why). I logged into and can find everything UPS but the uniforms except for gloves and socks. It must be a security thing or something, not sure.
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    It's a security thing
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You can have my complete set in 11 years--I will even throw the socks in.
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    :happy2:Uniforms is not something you can just get. Like Dillweed said its a security thing, only when you go to driving school your issued normally 2 sets with the exception of (helpers @ x-mas). If uniforms were easy to get a hold of think about all the idiot impersonation's we would have. Speaking of after 9/11 happened i was a oms in office received a mess. 1 day from 800 # from a company that was ? there ups drvr long story short it was a ups drvr to begin w/ it was someone the owner of that company had come in to the business posing as ups drvr trying to see if someone w/in his company would challenge the drvr. That gotten so tight w/ uniforms at my center in past there was always uniforms in the back of the building w/ boxes of them drvrs had turned in etc. now all of that has been taken care of.
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    Conan O'Brien, Jim Carrey, and Kevin James (King of Queens) are the first 3 names that come to mind.
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    I'm not sure of your 9/11 story. Either I can't understand babble, or I'm not 'down' with some kid's lingo. Care to say that again in English please?
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    I think comet's saying that you get your browns after going to driver's school.

    Since 9-11 they have been more concerned about the whereabouts of the uniforms.

    Now...Seems maybe a UPS driver was buds with the owner of a company. Owner wanted to see if his employees were doing the job right so he asked his UPS bud to go in to see if he'd be challenged. As the regular driver or driver at all, I'm not sure. But it happened after 9-11 when everyone was beefing up their security.

    Also, there used to be boxes of turned-in uniforms lying around but they have been taken care of.
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    Your relatives might want to try JCPenneys - they have some nice Docker shorts. Probably on sale depending where you live in the country
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    Here is it in English for you old timer by the way not a kid!! A Southern Lady w/ three young kidz. After 9/11 happened everyone got more aware of there security issues with in there own companies including us (that means ups). We received daily messages in my center with companies going the extra lengths to be more secure. Whether is was a new code they needed a drvr to use on gate, or get the key back from drvr (that he used to get in because everyone gone by the time he got there for p/u)and many more examples but I'll stop there. One of those situations was are you listening still with me? A local company was testing there employee's had a man dressed like a UPS driver in browns come in del a pkg. They had several meetings w/ there employees to challenge anyone who came in there facility even del. people. Well, the day this happened one of the employees called UPS our 1-800-pick-ups # explaining what had happened had ups drvr come in del. pkgs while acting very suspicious and they had never seen him before and they were very upset with UPS. So obviously we were trying to get to the bottom of ourselves because the description given by customer was not one of our drvrs. We at the same time were trying to figure out someone got a-hold of a set of browns etc. Again this happened after 9/11 if you remember it was devastating to people things were being handled quite differently. You still with me Sweat Pea? After about 4 hours later getting our security involved the owner of the company called and apologized for the mix up, he didn't know an employee had called our 800 # and gotten us so involved. He was merely trying to test out what they have been trying to drive home to there employees of being safe. When I ask Mr. _____ about the browns they were just pair of brown shorts, ups t-shirt, and UPS cap.

    OH! by the way thanks Dillweed you could understand Lil Comet words:happy2:. I had to put'm in english for CFLBrown:peaceful:

    As for the Uniforms since I started working @ UPS there were always uniforms in the back of my center in boxes (tons of them) that was used during x-mas and old ones drvrs turned in. After 9/11 for security purposes we had to get all of pkged up, logged (as in how many shirts, pants, shorts, etc. ) sent in like yesterday. We had to tighten down on our bad habits. Hope that helped you out some.:thumbsup:
    By the way not sure if you were poking fun at my signature If your down on it, You ain't up on it. that means if you have a bad attitude when you approach something your not going to have a good outcome, if you go in with a good attitude towards something it will come out better. Of coarse there's things I'd rather not do sometimes but if i approach w/ the best i have its always better that way.
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    If you look @ the Kevin James its not our logo as for the shirt, shorts given to the other 2 well yeah maybe they got there because they were given to them I'm sure Conan O'Brien was a planned event, just like i said unless there issued to you they have become harder to get, not saying there impossible to get. Nothings impossible anymore. You guys are so Uptight are'nt ya?
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    Isn't everything always on sale at JCPenneys. Every week I get a flyer that states that the coming weekend is the "Best sale of the year". And then you go there and EVERYTHING is on sale EXCEPT what you went for. JCpenny is on my do not shop there list---- as is Wally World:biting:
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    First one I thought of was UpstateNYUPSer.
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    heres one.....what if Jesus was a UPS driver? how would history have been different?
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    "Deliver Me, O My God!" would have a whole different meaning.
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    LMAO More, that was good!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm relatively sure of one of these 2 made an "F" in English or an "A" in Ebonics.
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    We would work Christmas day.
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    He wouldn't have spent 40 days and 40 nights roaming around in the desert. He would have known where he was going..................unless, of course, he was management.:wink2:

    Still think he would have been crucified. Just not for the same reason. Maybe a missed pickup?
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