dumb things shippers do


I don`t think we`ve talked about this before.The people that just dont think.Lets put 95 pounds of jagged metal in this cardboard box and send it out west!Or what?every package needs an address?Are you going to be in the area for awhile?Are you busy?


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This is a good one, nice thought on your part.
Lets see, Oh yes 100 pds of crap in a retaped, reused aprrox 100 times box, that should have been thrown away, but ahhh yess, tape is better than a new cardboard box.
Or an OCA with TO: the return address, and FROM: the receiving address (sharpie marker fixes it all you know) that you delivered in the AM that some rookie picked up and you have back on your truck the next day, and they are tracking it and you dont have the heart, or balls to tell them it is back on board your truck. (of course it wasnt an OCA at all, just didnt get it out in time so they call you back!!!!!!!!!!) When did people stop understanding the basics of shipping a letter, it is the same for a pkg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We read it the same!!!!!!!!!!! But the driver that picked it up definetely(sp) should have fixed it.
And of course there is the disguntled receiver that cannot believe that you cannot wait while they go get a check, they just live right down the road, they will be back in a MINUTE. They told me you would wait as they didnt know the exact amount. Well just coz they didnt know the exact amount why is your checkbook at home!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have to go make a deposit too!!!!!!
Or the receiver that calls the center because they need their NDA saver NOW, and it is 11:00 and their shipper told them it would be there by noon...........so you pull to get it there and he is leaving as "he cant wait all day for you, he has work to do....." and you just totally friend&*%$# your day by pulling across town for him and he is leaving when you pull in, he flips you off.
Glad its Friday, as I could not take another day of abuse.
But its the best job out here....
Oh yeah, I forgot this one, where are you going to be..........................
Not in 10 minutes , not in one half hour, not at 300, just where you going to be????
Heres your sign... I ll just pull off and wait for you. You are my only customer. They just bought me this 80 K truck to sit here and wait on you........
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I have a problem with zip codes. I'm in a decent-sized metropolitan area and a lot of businesses out in the suburbs have a PO box in the city to make it look like they are based out of the city... so they hand out their address, in a completely different zip code, with a PO Box zip code. Do they honestly not want their packages to get to them?


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"Did I tape it up good?"

You look at the box and there's 30 pieces of tape across the top...... and only 1 old torn paper tape across the bottom.


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Well, the counter probably gets the most ridiculous.

The one that continues to stick with me regarding the innocence of shippers was the lady who shipped a narrow vertical box with hand drawn orientation arrows on it and really fancy curly cued Fragile written all over it.

I asked her what was in the package when she brought it up to the counter and she told me a single rose in an Irish Belec vase (that's basically delicate porcelain for those unfamiliar with such).

She said she had it wrapped in newspaper, but that the important thing was to keep it upright as the vase was full of water.

She said it in total seriousness and was earnest.

I actually started to leak from my eyes not laughing out load and when my partner made eye contact with me after overhearing her I had to excuse myself for a minute and leave the room.

It took me several attempts to re-enter the counter (kept beginning to laugh as I would take a step towards the door).

I politely explained how boxes sometimes tip over despite our best efforts :D real serious like and suggested she take it back home empty the vase, add some damp paper towels around the stem of the rose and then aluminum foil to "waterproof" it.

I also suggested she double box it in case a fifty pound box happened to be the one to tip over right on hers.

She thanked me and left, but I kept having this grin reappear on my face now and again for the rest of the day without control. :cool:


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How about shippers that use Signature required, and then call us to DR the package, even after we explain we cannot change the status, they still csay it is our fault. On the same scenario when they put the wrong COD amount on a package, they cant understand why we cannot alter the amount!


How about multiple labels...I`ve become an expert in cutting off old tr#s with my knife,removing the first 2 of 8 layers of cardboard .Some people either are way too busy or just dont care,this is the worst at places that pay minimum wage like wal-mart.I Always make sure I show the shipper where his pkg could end up if he doesn`t make sure its a clean box


I love the ones with 6 different labels on them. NJ, OH, NY, KY, MA, OK all on one box and then 6 different PAL labels. I also love the ones where people try to make their own PAL label by applying a blank address label and writing "CLEVELAND TRUCK - 1000" with a red sharpie marker on it. The sad thing is that works in our hub.


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I think I have a all time new favorite..

As I'm in the truck or near the truck a voice rings out
"Do you have a package for me"

this happens in town, out of town, near a single house

I now just answer, "who is me"
then they give their name(of course)
then I say "address"

And of course 99% of the time, its someone who wants to know
if I have something for their house which is 30 miles away...uhh nevermind

Or I'll just respond with "nope, don't see any addressed to 'ME' in here"


I`m in a tighter area so usually I do have a pkg for them,and I like it when they do this because I can complete 2 stops at the same time


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The oca you recieve 5 minutes after leaving a stop is the thing that i hate most.
I cant always blame the shipper though, there is sometimes a lack of communication with receptionists and employees who work in that particular office.
I can blame UPS sometimes...how many of you have gotten an oca that was recieved at the center 4 hours before they communicate it to you.
Another annoying thing is when the shipper stacks their outgoing pkgs in the most inconvenient and inaccesable place in their store.