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    Few of you here have ever heard of him, but he is another Smith, but this time in the railroad industry. Harrison is the new president and CEO of CP Rail, one of Canada's 2 transcontinental railroads, and was brought-in to run CP when a New York City hedge fund manager gained control over the board of directors.

    First order of business? Raise "efficiency" through reducing employees and forcing-out current top-level managers and cutting mid-level management. New union CP employees will be forced into 401k-type plans and guaranteed pensions will be phased-out. By reducing employees, Harrison " will provide better service, turn assets faster, lower costs, and treat people right". Sure, he will.

    Like Smith, Harrison has only one true goal, reducing the operating ratio and driving-up profits to make investors happy. All of the "talent" at CP clearly rests at the top of the pyramid, just like at FedEx. Critics say he will drive a stake through the heart of the railroad's ability to provide quality service. Proponents think he will be able to accomplish his goal of running an ultra-lean CP Rail that will generate record profits.

    The "new normal" has hit Canada too. I'd really like to find a deserted island somewhere, drop all of these "Chainsaw Al" types down there by themselves, and let them fight it out to see who survives. I hate these bastards.
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    They can go ahead and make these companies "so efficient" that there won't be any customers left. Then let's see what happens to the stock price.