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    So, ups looses money in freight segment and SCS. I know it takes time to intergrate companies into the operational side of things but what do others on here think. Looks like package car drivers are helping boost the small pkg side of things with near a million new daily packages. That is close to 50% of fedex grounds total volume. The drivers have been stepping up, but mgt continues to micromanage and do their "tricks."When are they going to learn that if they just let us do the job, of course manage, but do go absolutely crazy on people that we could probably reach over 1 million new daily pkgs or more. What in the hell is going on with ups freight. The problem is that their drivers dont have the resources or time or drive??? to be proactive to get new volume. UPS freight will need to teach their drivers to be looking for volume and putting in sales leads like pkg car drivers do. Its going to have to happen overnite. Finally, TNT needs to be purchased by ups to bive a boost to supply chain and forwarding units. That would be a HUGE boost for ups especially worldwide, but would also help all segments. What do all of you think??????

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    If We Don't Start Fixing The Problems In Freight And Scs Soon You Can Kiss Double Digit Earnings Good Bye! Once The Competition Gets A Whiff Of Internal Problems, You Know They'll Be Using That To Obtain New Business. We Don't Need To Be 'loosing' Any More Customers To Anyone...
  3. UPS has done quite well during the past decade.
    No need to worry
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    I think EU :censored2:ed us on the TNT deal
  5. Yep. Sure looks that way.
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    You are going to make your good friend to come back to say how you are ruining the experience that is BC
  7. Good good.
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    Ok I know I didn't start that thread... Way too knowledgable about company and industry happenings... Way above my thought processes and pay grade
  9. Every once in awhile I will get a like or a funny from an old thread. And I'm like Damn, did I post this stupid thread.
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    You probably say that a lot
  11. Thanks
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