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    Just curious as the the differences of driving on opposite ends of the US due to the time differences. For instance, in our building, we leave the building around 8:45 am, air commit at 10:30am, then our air pu's needs to back to the building by 7:35 which means many air meets since they like to work us until 8,9 and 10pm.
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    Ok great info but you yourself did not answer your own question. Are you east or west? I'm in California and our air needs to be back to the building no later than 6pm. Our start time is 8:30am and most of us are in and off by 6:45pm.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He is from Rhode Island.
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    Oh. Thank you. Off topic question, does one building deliver all of Rhode Island due to its size. There are so many states back east that are in such close proximity I wonder if one building finds itself delivering multiple states.
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    That's a good question that I've often wondered myself.
  6. Yes we cover all of Rhode Island and some close parts or mass.
  7. Our building is the biggest in the district. We have 14 belts that trucks are loaded from and I believe there are 144 doors for loading trailers.
  8. Stink what center are u in? Metro, east, south, west?
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    We are pretty much in the middle of the upper midwest. We start at 900, 1030 air commit and air has to be back to the bldg by 1830
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    Here in flyover country, we start at 835 (I doubt that will last much longer, I see 845 in our very near future). We have 10:30 and noon air commits and have 2 shuttles to the airport. 1 pulls at 1845 the other at 1920.

    I am 2ish hours south of alleycat.

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    Here in MA. we start at 9.00, 1030 commit and the air has to be back by 1930.

    Btw My Center and local 59 lost some routes to Rhode Island, when UPS decide to move some of the MA towns to the Providence Center.
  12. Let me guess. Plainville, north attleboro, and attleboro?

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    You are correct, and we lost feeder runs too.
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    Here in the show me state we start at 9 with mostly 10:30 commit. Have a few noon towns. Air leaves at 19:45.
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    Prob the biggest differences I can think of between east and west is that the east drivers are off the clock before the west drivers.
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    My daughter is going to grad school in Pullman, Wa. There is a small center in Pullman and I saw those folks hitting the street after 9:30.

    That would suck almost as much as the guy in the arrowhead of Mn that has a remote route. He starts at 11a. Ack, ack, ack.
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    East vs West vs North
    We start at 9:00,out by 9:20
    Only domestic air is 10:30,
    US and int'l noon.
    US savers are end of day literally.
    We are close to the airport.
    8:30 cutoff.
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    East, air trailor leaves around 900 but we have a shuttle for late people like me.
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    Start between 845 and 855. Various commit times. I have 1030 commit times a lot farther away than some of my 1200 commits. Miles are money. Our air pulls just after 1900.
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    I had some buddies that went to Washington State. Went up there a couple times to party. Let me just say, your daughter is going to get her drank on.