Eliminating Air Commit times

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  1. SlowRide80k

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    I searched for this topic but didn't see anything on this.
    Anyone else have some of the extended area routes in their building lose all commit times for their airs? Here in CT FedEx dropped commit times for some of the outlying area and now UPS has followed suit. So some drivers don't have to worry about Airs any more. You'd figure we'd be pushing the fact that FedEx won't get there early and we will. Instead we basically said hey they're not doing it so we wont either.
  2. rod

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    I would agree that alot of the commit times are unreasonable and hard to make but to drop them altogether don't make any sense
  3. Pkgrunner

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    They dropped a noon commit for a Zip code 15 miles closer to the building than my area, but I still have my noon commit...
  4. rod

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    That's right up to par
  5. govols019

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    Same here, you have to drive through areas that have no commit times to get to the ones that do.
  6. SlowRide80k

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    Well these areas that lost commit times are usually 30+min drives from the building. And had 12:00 commits to begin with. Now they just have no commit time. It didn't happen to all 30+min drives. As my ride is about 35 mins to get on route. but i still have all my commits. I would assume it had to do with the recent loss in air volume.
  7. Re-Raise

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    I drive right through a town on my route with a noon commit to get to 2 towns with 10:30 commits. I then make a big circle back through the first town.

    The town with noon commit is 15 minutes from the center and the other 2 towns are 30 minutes away.

    I just work as directed......
  8. Pkgrunner

    Pkgrunner Service Provider

    My center used to have this one zip code that was a 1030 commit. It happened to be 65 miles a 95 min drive from the nearest hub---it only took 2 years of never making the air commit before the powers that be changed it to no commit...
  9. brownrodster

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    My building already has a huge area with no commit time for NDA. And other areas with 12pm NDA commit.
  10. stringerman85

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    Same here
  11. brownmonster

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    I get to my area at 9:25 and my air commit time is 10:30. Had 17 air stop Thurs. Some are rural. But be safe. The biggest service problem we have is the later and later start times. I wish someone in corporate would realize how much volume this is costing us and quit worrying so much about inside numbers. Fedex ground completes delivery to an entire industrial park before we get into town. Ya think shippers don't notice?
  12. BrownBlue

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    We just lost a noon commit area, but to tell you the truth, it made sense. The town is very small, with two electronic type business that get it all the time, and is a good 20 min. sprint at 60mph, from where you end up in route at 11:40. But we still have a 10:30 committ for an area that has no industry at all, and the driver puts on 50% of his miles chasing the few airs.

    And with start times, our district wised up because we stopped doing sales leads, because with such late starts and delivery times it became pointless. We went from leaving bldg at 9:30 to 8:30. Makes a world of difference when you dont have to back track to get all your ground done.
  13. Big Babooba

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    One could make a good argument that the people who determine the commit times should be committed.
  14. scratch

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    You would think that the people who decide commit times would be familiar with the delivery area. Obviously they are not, sounds like these decisions are made above the Center Manager's head.
  15. rod

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    Aren't ALL decisions made above the center manager's head?:puppet:
  16. beentheredonethat

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    Most of it is made at corporate, most of the rational is to try to meet or beat the competition. In many areas we have buildings near each other, in others we don't. I would think if we can beat FDX and a 10:30 is possible, based on distance from center we'd do it if we could get customers to switch to us for this reason.
  17. outta hours

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    My pkg. route had no commit times. It made for a very stress free day.
  18. IWorkAsDirected

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    Often as I leave home for work in the morning, the FedEx driver is delivering in my neighborhood, embarassing!
  19. Packagewarrior

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    All NDA stops on my route have 10:30 commit times and it is a 50 minute drive to my first stop. I used to start at 8:20. Now I start at 8:50. Does that make sense?
  20. Jagz

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    That happens to me also.....best part is that it takes me 45 minutes to get to work!!