Employee Insurance Costs Up Over $600 per Year

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Hey Fred, THANK YOU!! My costs are up $55.50 per month on the new insurance plan that features fewer providers than ever before. Oh, and I don't even bother with the crap Vision Plan, where it is actually cheaper to forget the insurance altogether and just pay yourself.

    God, what a wonderful company!! Whatever you do, please do not raise my pay to offset any of these increased costs because I am SO effing happy to be part of the FedEx "team".

    Another giant step....BACKWARDS.

    FedEx Cares...PSP Rocks!!!
  2. LTFedExer

    LTFedExer New Member

    Not sure where you are or what plan you have, but I'll be paying $52 for the year more.
  3. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Anthem Blue Cross with 2 dependents. $52.50 more each month.
  4. vantexan

    vantexan Well-Known Member

    Mine is going up $9 a month plus annual deductible is up from $100 to $150. Hadn't looked at co-pays yet, assuming they're the same then I'm up $158 a year. I'm single though. Considering employee healthcare used to free with 100% coverage, I'm really out of a lot more than $158 a year. Minus the small deductible of course.
  5. LTFedExer

    LTFedExer New Member

    My fiancee doesn't pay a single cent for her coverage. But, if she added me (after we're married) and/or her kids on the policy........let's just say I might as well go out and get me own policy. If you don't like paying monthly, you can always just opt out.
  6. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Opt out? Who can afford that?
  7. LTFedExer

    LTFedExer New Member

    Your wife doesn't work?
  8. FedEx2000

    FedEx2000 New Member

    Mine is only up $4/month, but we are staying under Cigna here.
  9. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Take a look at the deductibles too. Plus,you get to call-in to Anthem and get a referral, not your provider. Think that's a disincentive to spend time on the phone with a representative of a company with a vested interest in denying you service? That puts you between Anthem and the provider. What if your provider says you need an MRI and then Anthem says no? Just another way to not provide services. At least with CIGNA, the provider made the call. Another takeway.