Add-up the Takeaways Over the Years

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    If you are a long-term employee, consider what you have lost over the last 20 years. If you are a recent hire or have only been with FedEx for the last 10 years or so, take a look at the Big Picture (pun intended) and consider the overall trend, which is to chisel every penny possible from your compensation package.

    FedEx and Federal Express are very different companies. The first was a genuinely great place to work, but the second is a very poor replacement. Although FedEx was certainly spawned from Federal Express, the overall management philosophy went from pro-hourly to anti-hourly at or about the time of the name change.

    Federal Express: Remember profit-sharing ( several times per year), Family Briefings, P-S-P, great insurance benefits, 2-years to reach top wage, regular raises and a commitment to stay within a dollar or two of UPS, new equipment every 4-5 years, numerous career opportunities, a real Tuition Refund program, and on and on? An actual retirement plan. Realistic top management salaries and benefits? An actual ESPP that allowed the employee to take an ownership interest in Federal Express and also build retirement savings? Respect for the employee (long gone)?

    FedEx: The end of profit-sharing, steadily extended top-out times, increasingly poor insurance benefits with fewer provider choices, 20-year-old trucks, a very restrictive Tuition Refund Program, BPP (gone, but only after a lawsuit for age discrimination), the Traditional Retirement Plan (gone in 2008), the end of P-S-P, the new and "improved" injury policy, skyrocketing CEO and top management compensation with zero-interest loans for stock option purchases, and on and on.

    Overall, we've lost a tremendous amount over the years, and the trend continues as FedEx tries to make itself the WalMart of overnight delivery companies. What is it going to take to convince the ignorant where this company is headed and what their overall philosophy toward the hourly employee has become (expendable)?

    When I get the time, I'm going to construct a timeline from 1973 to the present-day, showing exactly what we have lost (and gained) since the inception of the company. It will be shocking to say the least. Wise up! This is a company that only cares about enriching the top dogs at our expense, and perpetuating a false image of a company that is a "great" place to work.
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    Not trying to disagree with what you have stated but I feel the take aways were already in progress before the name change to FedEx.

    There used to be an incentive to work harder but now the only "reward" is to hear management and Fred's boys whine about how much better we have to do in the future.

    Oh yeah, they'll soon be whining about the cost of the new aircraft from Boeing too. :sad-little:
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    You're right, there wasn't any exact point in time where the switchover was made, and there had already been takeaways in the works. I had heard from my management sources that the whip was ready to come out for the rest of this year but that there was so much pushback that they've had to put more demands on hold for now. Yes, we're almost "bankrupt", so in order to buy all those new (and 190 used 757s') 777s', you will have to do more for less money.
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    I think Zapmail was the start of everything. They wrote off $700 million in losses, plus they lost over $100 million more to a bad accounting firm. That was about the time we went through a long stretch in the 90's with no raises for topped out couriers(and I guess others too). The employees had to bite the bullet so FedEx could recover from their mistakes. I believe it was then that FedEx realized that the employees could be a huge source of profit enhancement. And bit by bit we've been subsidizing profits ever since. I really thought there wasn't much left they could take and then they announced in early 2007 they were terminating the traditional pension. I thought that was our sacred cow but apparently they and other corporate leaders believe the masses don't need or deserve any perks. Or even any pay beyond what it takes to just get by. We should just be thankful we have a job. Well our corporate leaders and gov't leaders have screwed things up so bad that I am thankful I still have a job. But like the wacky flight attendant, I think these guys are going to eventually see a huge backlash. People are fed up, no pun intended.
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    Looks like everyone is going to have to pay for the millions they've spent lobbying against the RLA change now.
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    Yep. Whatever Fred spendeth, he taketh away from the heathen masses (us).
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    I think you mean "GiveBacks"
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    ZapMail was incredibly stupid, as was HotelPak, if anyone remembers that one. Why would any company spend huge money to fax something when they could buy the same machine FedEx was using for ZapMail? Low-cost fax machines were just around the corner, but nobody bothered to check. The ZapMail machines sat around for years and FedEx used them for internal faxes and as copiers. Whenever they screw-up, it comes out of our pocket, and your observation that we are a great source of discovered "income" is very astute.

    If we don't go union, Fred will find more ways to screw us. Trust me on that one.
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    What was HotelPak??
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    Basically the CourierPak product line re-branded for hotels. FedEx thought that hotels would be a huge market, and guessed very wrong. The VP who pushed for it was shown the door.
  11. Cactus

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    Geez, while they were on a roll why didn't they come up with CarnivalPak too? ROTFLMAO!

    Those Memphis assclowns have no idea do they? Remember Ken May?
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    Carnival Pak would be a logical choice, wouldn't it? Ken May, for all of the bad press he got, was actually a good guy who wanted to take the company in a more people-oriented direction. When he took over the cluster that was and is Kinkos, he couldn't un-screw it fast enough for Fred and was immediately thrown under the bus. Sounds like your encounters with him weren't so positive. I actually knew him and liked him.
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    Lobbying money (mostly) comes from FEPAC (FedEx Political Action Committee), not from FedEx itself. FEPAC is funded by management and shareholders. Contributions by individuals to federal PACs are limited to $5,000 per year. Corporations and unions may not contribute directly to federal PACs, though they may pay for the administrative costs of a PAC affiliated with the specific corporation or union. Corporate-affiliated PACs may only solicit contributions from executives, shareholders, and their families, while union-affiliated PACs may only solicit contributions from members. "Independent" PACs not affiliated with a corporation, union, or trade or membership association may solicit contributions from the general public but must pay their operating costs from these regulated contributions.

    So no, "everyone" isn't going to have to pay for the lobbying costs.
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    I think what he meant is that FedEx will pay for their lobbying costs through additional employee takeaways. I would absolutely agree. A long time ago, FedEx actually had the cajones to solicit employees for FEPAC donations. Can you imagine being stupid enough to contribute to an organization actively working against employee interests? It's estimated that Fred has spent up to $25 miliion so far on lobbying against the RLA. Are you saying that all of that money has been sourced from FEPAC? Don't think so.
  15. Cactus

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    Ken had a tendency to start things and not carry them through to the finish line. There was the this S P A C E program which was never completed and one month he tells us he's going to "empower" us (a good idea) then the next time he says we're gonna follow these Best Practices to the letter. Any "empowerment" went straight out the window.

    It seemed to me like he was incapable of completing his ideas or maybe Fred stepped in and derailed them. Dunno?
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    who remembers "FEDEX EXTREME SERVICE"!!! What a joke
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    That's interesting, because I met him through one of the "empowering" conferences. Maybe he never got around to implementing those high ideals, probably because doing so would cost a few bucks. Over the years, I can think of many programs and plans that got talked about a great deal, but never really amounted to anything because they were just talk and no action. Just like now, when MT3 or one of the rest of them start talking about "people" had better have a roll of toilet paper and a shovel handy.

    When I was first starting my FedEx career, Dave Bronczek was called-in when a neighboring station in the district had a massive scandal and half the station got canned overnight. He was still a senior manager at that point, and really seemed to be a decent guy. I guess he was eventually absorbed by the Borg and couldn't resist the lure of Fred's money. Now, he seems to be a clone of Fred, so he probably sold his soul to the company back in the 80's.
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    Going to have to say you may be incorrect on that issue.

    No I think I'm going to have to say that you are "incorrect" on that issue and actually back it up with citation.
    "Some readers posting online comments under a story Wednesday about FedEx and UPS corporate lobbying appeared to confuse it with campaign contributions from the companies' political action committees. In many instances, contributions to their PACs come from employees."

    "FedEx is determined to make sure that this year's Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act does not contain a provision that would make it easier for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to organize some of its Express workers."
    Maybe this article can be a start to clearing up the confusion here.
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    Good catch. The other "lobbying" that nobody counts is Congress Express, the personal airline of our beloved politicians throughout this great land. Fred provides them jet service that is essentially free. That has to score big points with the "leaders" who take advantage of Fred's Southern hospitality. I'd sure like to see the records of who flew where...and when.
  20. Cactus

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    I'm sure that list would be more than extensive and mind boggling.