Employees with warning letters can now apply for job posting in jcats ?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by franknitty, Sep 5, 2011.

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    I've been on FMLA for 2 months, but i spoke with two Fedex employees that work for two different stations in the district, and they have been informed by letters in their mailboxes that Fedex employees with an active warning letter on file, are now able to apply for an open job postings in jcats2 ? Has anyone else received this information yet ? I just texted a friend that works at a fedex ramp location who's a ramp agent, and he says this change in policy in true. If you work for express you know that prior to this change in policy (if it has been changed) the employee wasn't to apply for any open position until after the warning letter has expired, which is 12 months. If this change is true, i wonder fedex changed it position on this ? The only thing I can think of is one or more of the fedex express employees sued the company AGAIN, and won. Anyone out the hear or have any information on this ?
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    For the uninformed what does your FMLA and the warning letters have in common?
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    I'm on FMLA caring for a sick parent. Won't return to work until october, so i haven't visited my station in weeks, that's why i said i HEARD this information regarding the title of this thread. because im off work at this time, im attempting to verify through fedex express employees that may be utilizing brown cafe.com whether this change is true or not.
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    I have heard the same thing (mainly from this site, nothing in person at work or on paper). I don't see a problem with someone having a warning letter apply for open jobs. The reason I say this is because warning letters are flying around like snowflakes in February now. Any small accident is a warning letter now, and I don't feel someone who has had a minor accident should be excluded from bidding for open routes, etc..
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    It was announced at our station a couple of weeks ago that effective Sept. 1st employees with warning letters can bid on JCATS postings. In case you missed it the old review system was also discontinued same day, and a new raise system will be implemented with more info to come on it. Your review is now a sit down discussion with your mgr with no score. Although they haven't given an explanation yet they appear to now be requiring all couriers hit their route goals daily with failure to do so X amount of times resulting in a warning letter or decision day. Under such requirements as well as a new way to give raises it would appear giving you a review score isn't necessary.
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    A sit down review is how most of the rest of the business world does reviews. I was in management for two companies prior to becoming a courier, and I wrote many, many reviews for sit downs (while they were sit down reviews, I still had to fill out forms describing where employees excelled, where they didn't). I know for me it was alot more work to do a review that way as opposed to the three minutes you get with a Fedex manager under the current system, of course this will hopefully make more work for managers, and keep them off our backs a little.
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    Policy is also changing to allow employees to apply for job openings with active Warning Letters and Performance Reminders. I just got a copy of the memo from a co-worker today.
  8. Don't you love how your managers took the time to explain the new changes?!?!?!...Well, at least we got the memo in our mailboxes!

    Billy Baconhead
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    We didn't even get that.

    Must be a big military secret at our station.


    We don't even have mailboxes anymore because the last senior we had decided that ours looked "trashy", so we get to depend on management to inform us of everything.
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    Wow, isn't that "convenient". No paper trail.
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    How do I get to Jcats2 from home??
    I forgot the website.
    and how many sick days do we get before we get fired?
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    You cannot log into jcats2 from home.