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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by lifer, Jan 19, 2003.

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    I graduated with a Computer Information Systems degree in 2001 and have been trying to gain a technical position with UPS. I really do not want to go to NJ at this time. However, I dont mind going to KY or GA---does anyone know of anyone who was able to land an IT position with UPS out of college lately????

    What is involved----and who do you need to talk to?

    I know about the job opportunities cover sheet--I had it signed and sent in. I was considering going up to Louiseville on my vacation and shaking the trees a little.

    anyone have any info???

  2. over70lbpkg

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    You will definitely need help...mainly from your manager! You will need his/her help in the "push" to get your name out there. If you can't rely on your manager or do not have a good relationship with him or her, go directly to HR.
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    UPS does technology work in NJ, MD, GA, and KY. Generally you would need a CS degree.

    Check to see what's available. With the cutbacks, probably not much available today, but keep checking.

    They won't pay for a relo, but you can usually work out a transfer if you meet the qualifications. Just follow the job opportunites guidelines.

    Good luck,

  4. lifer

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    yeah --- i used to apply for positions on that site daily. However, I stopped checking it a few months ago when I began making a move into management.

    My degree is not CS--but it is chalked full of software devlpmnt and database design. More programming classes than any other grads at other schools that I have talked to.

    I figure I will go into full time supervision and then work my way into IT eventually--after I get my MBA.

    thanks y'all!
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    You may consider trying for a user representative job. It's common for operations management to move into that role. I was a FT Sup in the district when I made my move over to IS. I applied for the user rep job to get my foot in the IS door. With the support of my manager and division manager, I got the job. A year later, I was writing C++ Windows applications - pure development. I just thought I'd toss that out there as a possible path to your goal.
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    thanks --- that is what I had in mind and it is good to know that it happens.

    I appreciate it!