EPIC FAIL, COLOSSAL FAIL & just plain FAIL in the 2012 Election!

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    The 2012 presidential election is over and President Barack Hussein Obama has won Re election hands down. Along the way, many things were said about the president in hopes of changing the country's opinion of the president. This thread is dedicated to the many failures of those who tried desperately to change the narrative of this president.


    A) Rush Limbaugh- for his consistent lies and distortions.. Showed he HURT the GOP more than helped it.

    B) Sean Hannity- for his repetitious nonsense on the radio and for calling RYAN Mr Vice President on the air on election day.

    C) Fox News- for its consistent attempts at making mountains out of molehills. (fast and furious, bengazi, the budget, golfing, birth certificates, associations with terrorists)

    D) All the right wing radio talk show pundits who repeated the RNC talking points to no avail.

    E) KARL ROVE- who predicted a Romney Blowout saying that Romney would get 365 electoral votes in his victory! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    F) Crossroads GPS- who took over a BILLION dollars from the GOP voters and gave it to Karl Rove to spend in a losing campaign.

    G) Citizens United- who spent BILLIONS of dollars and made this the most expensive election in history only to lose BIG.


    A) Stewart Varney- for his daily OBAMA bashing for 2 hours on what is suppose to be a business channel for the stock market.

    B) Charles Payne- for his daily OBAMA bashing as a guest on Stewart Varneys program.

    C) ALL OF Sterwart Varneys guests who came on an OBAMA BASHED when they were suppose to be talking about stocks and markets.

    D) BILL HEMMER and MARTHA McCallum- for spending 2 hours every morning interviewing the SAME guests all year who just OBAMA BASHED and called it news.

    E) Megyn Kelly- for her spending 2 hours OBAMA bashing and predicting a ROMNEY win in 2012

    F) All the FOX NEWS pundits- who came on as guests on all the FOX lineup to predict a ROMNEY BLOWOUT.

    G) The 4 members of THE FIVE- who predicted a BLOWOUT for ROMNEY and made fun of BOB BECKEL for predicting an OBAMA re election. Looks like BECKEL is the only one with a brain on that show.


    A) Caharrell
    B) Moreluck
    C) Toonertoo
    D) AV8
    E) Hoaxster
    F) Brett
    G) over9five
    H) BABA
    I) Lifer
    J) Texan- shalom
    K) Brownbuddy

    Its been a great year of debates and name calling. "We" may have been the minority on this board, but we clearly still represent the majority of the country.

    You all had your positions on this race, and I argued with you for believing the nonsense coming out of FOX and such, but you rejected the "other side" of issues. Hopefully, you all understand how wrong you had it with this election and know that the people of america dont all listen to the funnels of garbage spread by the right wing.

    As I said before, if the GOP lost this race, the Republican party will be dead as you know it. Its time for them to change, compromise, drop issues that will prevent them from ever winning the white house again, and that all starts with you people.

    This is a progressive nation and I am a progressive voter. I understand that accepting change will be in this countrys best interest.

    If not, and you hang on to bengazi, fast and furious, solyndra, anti gay, anti immigrant, anti black, anti union and every other issue that didnt help in this election, then you are also doomed to fail in the future.

    Congrats to President Obama for his impressive re election victory in 2012!

    With that, my work here is done !


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    Excellent! Just that alone is worth having Obama for the next 4 years. Make sure you take all your fake screen names with you.
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    So,do you lock yourself in a room and tie yourself up and force yourself to watch FOX News ????

    You can change the channel Einstein!
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    So, your work is done ....as you stated.....so go away and don't come back in 4 years !!
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    The stock market totally doesn't like the results of the election !!! Dow is down over 300 right now.
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    I wouldn't read too much into that.
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    None of this could've been built in.....we didn't know the winner until last night. I think it's pure reaction to the uncertainity that comes with the messiah !!!
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    I would contend the biggest failure of this election was the American people in their duty to expand liberty wherever and however they can. I was watching the results on Fox news and heard some rather prophetic words come from Bill O'Rielly. He said, in so many words, that this electorate isn't the electorate of 20 years ago where a candidate like Obama would get crushed. This electorate is made up of atleast 50% of the people who just want stuff, and feel they are entitled to stuff. This entitlement attitude was fed by Obama because he ran on a campaign of giving people the stuff they want, and what I find sad about that is the people don't see that it will cost them and their families much more in the end than what they got to begin with. We have seen the American people say they would rather give up their liberty for a little percieved security, and as we all know we will get neither.
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    Who said anything about rich people "wanting" things from the government? You obviously don't get it that the government produces nothing. The government can only transfer wealth, not create it. The people have stated that they want the government to transfer more wealth from those who have it to those who don't, and eventually those that create it will say "Screw this!" and leave.
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    and that EXACT sentiment is what cost ROMNEY the election. Bill Orielly UPPED it to 50% whereas ROMNEY said47%. either way, its a losing argument in the future electorate.

    Doubling down on the same argument isnt a winning combination.


  13. Dracula

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    Sorry, but that doesn't make sense. Your saying, or O'Reilly is saying, that Obama is promising free stuff for the laziest people in this country, and those people are going to get themselves registered, then get off their couch and go wait for hours in a line at their local polls?

    Just how long does it take for that to make sense?
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    Who? How about you start with Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America....If it weren't for the US government, these firms would all be gone right now. I love their free market philosophy: privatize profits, socialize losses. Personally, I think that was Obama's biggest mistake. He should have left those banks to go out of business. The money they spent shoring up those clowns could have helped soften the blow of a big recession. Instead, they are even more concentrated now than before. And they whine about being regulated. What world do they--and all of you who support that free-market philosophy--live in?

    Bailing out those banks goes in the opposite direction of free market ideas.
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    I like it. Hopefully i can buy. Starbucks and goodyear tire if they get low enough.
  16. Dracula

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    Historically--look it up if you don't believe it--the stock market and it's relative indexes have fared better under Democratic administrations. Bloomberg reported today that the stock market took a dive because of European problems. But hey, why would you believe that?
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    EPIC FAIL, COLOSSAL FAIL & just plain FAIL in the 2012 Election!

    Benghazi : And Obama did not help those people and grant their request for extra security why ? He didn't help those Americans and he's only going to help a select few the next 4 years. Yes he was right there to help in New Jersey, oh he's a savior ! Didn't go to the Middle East much, can't go against the Muslim Brotherhood. Prove us wrong about you Mr, President (2016 - The Truth)
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    Whether its said or not its still true.

    You don't realize it yet, but you made my point for me. Its makes perfect sense because who wants to go out and get a job that they have to commit 40 hours or more a week too when you can just show up at the polls and vote for a candidate who promises to take from those who do work hard each day and send a part of their labor as a check each month to their mailboxes? That mentality is what made up a large part of the Obama voters yesterday, and I'm afraid to say a plurality of the modern American mindset.

    You and I agree here. Those businesses should have failed, and both Bush and Obama did this country a huge disservice by not allowing them to go the way the free market would have taken them. It would have been an economic bump in the road, but as with every other recovery prior to this one our economy would have emerged stronger as new business filled the holes the previous ones left behind.
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    ahhh I have moved from #9 to #10 on the C9 list. Guess I am slipping.
    Thanks for the press TOS.

    I will not compromise. I am a Conservative, and will be one until that time comes.

    Your hope that I am the 9th or 10th (depending on the post) to jump off a tall building (NOT)
    or when my time comes sir.

    Bless you, may you see the light, and may 51 % of this entitlement / me first / but that is how I feel, no
    thought necessary / I want a handout generation see the light.

    If this sounds a little harsh forgive me. I am not elated my grandchildren, children, and many in the US
    face a very shaky future at our current spending rate.

    Change has not occurred, no budget plan for years, and now the same group is going to "fix"
    this. Sigh


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