IF the ELECTION were held today, who would win?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, May 22, 2012.

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    If the election were held today MAY 2012, OBAMA SMEARS Romney. If you look at the election by polling and electoral states, OBAMA is solidly in the lead and Romney needs a complete miracle ( a christian one, and not a mormon one) to win the election.


    Election 2012 Polling and News, Republican Presidential Candidates, Obama, Interactive Polling Data

    Romney, who has the LEAST FAVORABILITY of ANY GOP candidate in recent elections, has a TOUGH road ahead. Once he starts talking again outside the "controlled" speaking engagements of his campaign, he will blunder further closer to a B L O W O U T !

    Obama: 293 (-6) Romney: 206 (+15) Tossup: 39 (-9)

    Without Tossups:
    Obama: 303 (-15) Romney: 235 (+15)

    Good LUCK GOP!!
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    I'm more concerned about the election on Nov 6th of this year than a hypothetical one taking place today.
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    Well, it would be interessting if Rommney did win, and you'll see how fast Boehner & Co change their mind about rasing the debt ceiling in January !
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    Thats why you have to understand the electoral college standings as of today. Romney is in a bad position as OBAMA only needs 27 electoral votes to win in november and ROMNEY has to turn around 153 votes in order to win and thats close to impossible.

    This election will come down to ONE state.... VIRGINIA.

    Romneys OWN advisors know that the road is tough and even Karl Rove has pointed out that Romney may not win because he wont be able to get the states he needs to win.

    Romneys plan 3 2 1 is a plan to fail.

    The handwriting is on the wall.


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    Only if spending was cut accordingly!! (because Mitt wouldn't want it any other way)
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    You are dreaming ! They couldn't cut $1.2 Trillion over 10 years, now they'll do it within one year ? Oh yeah, and keep thier promise to lower corperate taxes, too ?

    Btw, $1.2 Trillion per year equals about all miltary, SS, medicare & interest on debt expentures, the rest is "penny" funding, basically.
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    "Ward, don't you think you were a little rough on the Beaver last night?"
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    Ward wasn't quite the all american dad he played on TV.
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    Why use reasoning and common sense?
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    Did you know he was a licensed preacher in the Methodist Church and that he was a Christmas tree farmer in Minnesota....forced to retire after a stroke in '72. He never really recovered and died in May '82.