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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Sep 30, 2012.

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    Well, we are only three days away from the first debate in the 2012 election. All the expectations for the GOP are that ROMNEY will come out strong, but quietly, they are fearful of the conditions for the debate.

    You see, its been agreed to that each candidate will have 5 mins to answer questions, and ROMNEY is good for 2 mins of prepared text and its the other 3 minutes that they are afraid of.

    Once ROMNEY gets past the prepared remarks and has to go off script, he will get himself into trouble. Romney is easily rattled and cannot maintain his composure when under fire.

    its a part of being rich. Its not common for them to be on the defense, and they are used to saying whatever they want, however they want, and when challenged ( and that aint often) they fall apart.

    Romney showed this in the GOP debates, and OBAMA will lite him up like old leaves in a pile.


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    I don't know if what you say about Romney is true but these short-comings are what are well known about Obama.
    I guess it will be a couple of drooling babies with silver spoons in their mouth or maybe, in Obama's case, to his nose.
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    With all the questioneers being from non-Fox places....Probably all the questions will not be challenging for Obama.....Romney will have to answer it quickly and bring it back to the economy and keep Obama defending his non-record.

    One of the debates has Candy Crowley (cant stand her)

    At least some of the debates had Fox people along withCNN, etc
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    Well, weve seen Romney in the GOP debates and there isnt one debate where he came out strong. There are, however, many debates where he appeared to have been rattled, shaky and confused. Weve seen him lose his temper and blurt out dumb

    Mitt Romney Offers Rick Perry $10,000 Bet: ABC News/Yahoo News Republican Debate - YouTube

    How quickly you all forget how stupid he sounded in those debates. This is the kind of arrogance an elitest has. When confronted with facts, use money to solve your problems.

    Wont work in the presidential debates. America is already sour on WILLARD, and ANY gaffe he makes will be FATAL to his campaign. Stay tuned.


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    Oh, here we go with the excuses before the disaster.... OH NO! the liberal questions! Whats the matter moreluck, afraid ROMNEY will have to answer for his wreckless flip flopping over the last 15years??

    Maybe you wanted FOX SPEWS , so they could LOB softballs at ROMNEY to "make" him sound presidential? I mean, they do that everyday anyways.

    Romney will have to face reality, and that reality is ROMNEYS own words.

    When it comes to taxes, ROMNEY will get pressed for answers, and those answers he WONT HAVE. If you think he is going to get away with what he has been saying so far ..(after the election, ill let congress figure it out) then you are in for a giant surprise.

    On foreign policy, ROMNEY has none.

    On creating jobs, merely saying he will create 12 million jobs wont take 5 minutes to say, better hope he has more to offer in 4 minutes 55 seconds. The crap he has been selling on the campaign trail wont work in a debate.

    He better have some red meat to offer or he will get chewed up like a stick of gum.


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    If there is a turning point in this election the debates will be it. I don't know what Romney's bank account has to do with it, but suffice to say if he can hit Obama like he did Newt in Florida its going to make for one interesting month of October.

    BTW TOS, you are aware Obama is also a multi millionaire too right?

    Moreluck- you and I both know its going to be softball questions for Obama and loaded ones for Romney. Its how the media works.
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    BRETT, please. Spare us the liberal questions stuff. You are trying to get ahead of the curve and its pointless. There isnt ONE of you that could explain ROMNEYS multitude of differing positions over the years, and if you cant come up with an explanation for them, how do you expect ROMNEY TO?

    Romney was supporting ALL of OBAMAs bailouts and stimulus programs when they happened, video to prove it exists, now he is against them. Romney was for universal healthcare and now he is against it, Romney was for assault weapons bans saying he needed to get guns off the street, now he wants all guns on the street.

    The list is endless.

    A debate questioner asking him to reconcile these positions doesnt make them liberal, just informed. All the happy talk you hear on fox news wont help Romney in the debate.

    Romney sits on screen on FOX answering softballs all week long and fox calls them "EXCLUSIVES".... but of course they are exclusive, ROMNEY wont face the mainstream media.

    That would be suicide.

    Now ROMNEY has no safe places to hide. 5 weeks before the election and he has to stand up on his own two feet. No more propping up by FOX NEWS.

    The slightest GAFFE will destroy Romney. If he loses his cool, like he did many times in the GOP debates, like where he tried to "OVERTALK" the questioners when he didnt like a question, will spell disaster for him.

    There were many times where he was asked a question and he "REFUSED" to answer it, and when asked a followup question of the same nature, ROMNEY got defensive and became rude.

    You better keep your fingers crossed that he doesnt do the same at this first debate.

    I for one cant wait!

    All year hassling with you guys, and its coming down to the finish, ROMNEYS finish.


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    Brett, you and I disagree on many things, but can we agree that you have some feeling that this election is slipping away from the GOP?


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    I will see what happens, I think GOP is on a tight rope.
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    I will be surprised if the debates have a decisive impact on the campaigns. Romney is under the most pressure to go on the attack and make something happen, so you might see a bit of fire from him but both of these guys are kinda book-smart-but-not-so-accomplished-at-public-speaking so I expect that they will both mostly just stick to their talking points.
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    Can't wait for the theatrics. kidding
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    I will agree that this is a tight election, one that has many ups and downs for both sides. Its foolish to think that the end of the roller coaster is already upon us, and a victor has been decided. I seem to remember the state of Florida and its primary where Newt was trouncing Romney in the polls, until the debates where Romney proved himself to still be a contender and came out the winner which all occurred in the timespan of a couple weeks if I recall correctly. Even the DNC has stated Romney will probably win the debates which will prove very troublesome for the Obama regime despite their already pathetic attempts to downplay it. We are in the 4th quarter of a very important game, and until the clock runs out with the last polling station closing on election day it is not over.

    Then prepare yourself to be surprised. This election is about two distinctly different ideas, and those ideas will get to be displayed over the next 4 debates. As our nation plays Russian roulette with our future I hope enough people see and understand these differences before we commit national suicide by re-electing Obama into office.
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    A donkey standing on stage could out debate NEWT GINGRICH... Why you guys elevate romney to such status is astounding. He outspent his opponents to get the nomination, he didnt "WIN" it.

    The others couldnt afford to compete with him, so they quit.

    Now you want to compare ROMNEY to OBAMA based on debates with the other morons of the GOP?


    As far as our nation goes, it needs help. but we already tried it the GOP way, with tax cuts for the rich and we got a near depression and 11 million jobs lost.

    What is it about this theory that has you so convinced that it will work a third time?? Reagan Failed with it, BUSH2 clearly failed with it, and now you BELIEVE that Romney will succeed with it??

    Trickle down doesnt work, never has, never will.

    The doom and gloom sell doesnt work on people who understand what it is going to take to turn this country around.

    Thats why OBAMA is in the lead and has been all year long. What you are selling isnt working, not even at a discount.

    This race isnt tight at all. There is a clear distinction between the two men. One wants to simply replay the disaster of the BUSH administration and the other wants to make changes from that model and take us into a different yet familiar direction.

    Clinton had this country rockin during the 90's, and BUSH undid that progress with his trickle down economics.

    Its time to put that Reagan theory in the grave.


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    I really hope that Romney does well in all the debates.

    I have posted before, that he was not my first choice, but I feel the country need a change.
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    I liked the YouTube Debate that's already taken place.

    Romney Obama the Same? - YouTube

    So what will 4 more times of soundbites tell us that we already don't know? Or is it we don't want to admit it?

    Ding! Ding! Ding!
  18. This is going to be the most boring debate ever, both candidate agrees on almost everything...
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