Equal pay for equal job.

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    This is just for thinking cap purposes. In my state a lot of politicians are running on the platform for equal pay for men and women doing the same job/work. And I would say the overwhelming majority would agree.

    What difference is that and what is happening at express. Man or woman should be getting the same pay after a tenure or pay scale type system. So technically fedex is one of the worst offenders for equal pay vs work/job.

    Once again just a thing to think about.
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    The Worst part is We have no system. It changes every year, even the "poor" McDonalds and Walmart Employees have a Raise system in place however small it might be, they know what to expect each year. We however have to wonder wonder wonder.

    Let FDX get their money's worth if you work for $14 give em 14 worth of labor, and those making 25+ let them earn their 50% more... You get what you pay for. UPS pays great, and they earn every dime.(we don't need UPS wages, but topping out would be nice in the next 40 years.)
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