Eskew Coming To Phila

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by nobonus, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. nobonus

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    hey guys what can we expect from the famous ceo! hes coming to our building this week and they are crACKING THE WHIP! how big is his entourage? HOW many millionaires will be in the building?? adios:ohmy:
  2. scratch

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    What did ya'll do to deserve a visit from Mr. Eskew? I can't answer your question because I haven't seen him in our Hub and I work in Atlanta! It can't be good when an IE guy comes to visit. I did meet Jim Casey about 28 years ago when he visited the Atlanta Hub, he had an entourage with him. He seemed like a nice guy.
  3. DS

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    Lucky you.I`ve never met the man but I`d expect you`ll get exactly what you get every other time some upper management person comes in to preach.
    Thank you for your hard work,but we want more out of you.
    Weve invested millions of dollars implementing PAS,and EDD and
    we have to get it back somehow.Thats where YOU come in.
    You may find it unrealistic to do 300 stops in a day,but studies
    have shown,that by following the proper methods the implimentation
    of PAS and EDD will allow you to achieve the goals we set out.
    RIGHT..........In reality its the same old story,people that can afford
    $80,000 cars and $3million homes tend to forget what its like to try to do
    12 hours work in under 9.5 .Maybe its that smell of leather,or the cognac
    in the back of the limo that induces this amnesia .I think its just plain greed.
    I am curious though,please get back to us and let us know what he says.
  4. handrail_hank

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    Well said Double
  5. Hangingon

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    Last time he was in our area he was supposed to stop by before a visit to the Hill. They had our building so clean you could eat off the floor in the mechanics bay and went over every driver with a magnifying glass to make sure our uniforms were up the old UPS code (unlike what they let the new drivers get away with now).

    Well the day of the visit nothing happened and they had taken down the little stage by the time most of us reported in. The story we got was that he was running late and just didn't have time for us. Probably doesn't like attaching a face to those numbers he's squeezing.
  6. rushfan

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    Amen Double. We had a Region manager visit. Same thing happened here. Automotive made sure the cars had the new UPS logo. Floors were spotless, the bathroom didn't smell like a urinal as they always do. Management were tight lipped where their dinner would be. The gateway manager told me-he wasn't too excited about going to it. It was at the local Denny's-NOT. Yes the most expensive banquet facility in town. And we are always told we are last in the shipping business.

    UPS acts like the poor little rich kid.