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    This morning our on car announced that the OMS clerk would be ODSing everyone their ETAs based upon the data in PAS/EDD. Starting tomorrow we will each be handed a piece of paper with our ETA on it. There was no discussion as to what would happen if we punched out after the calculated ETA. This should be interesting and I will keep everyone updated on what happens with this.

    BTW, my ETA for today is 1824.
  2. j4bucks

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    Most have a time machine to tell you that!! I hate to quess what might be next. Anyone like to share their thougts?
  3. klein

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    Don't you guys need to stop to fuel up, atleast every second day ?
    We don't have EDD here, anyways.
    We don't even deliver by trace, for that matter.

    But what will happen at 18:25 is : your vehicle will automatically turn off, no matter where you are.. And GPS will lead it to you.
    And fire you on the spot !

    (just being sarcastic)... but how much further do they wanna go ?
  4. upssalesguy

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    i like it :)

    seriously, we are trending this direction - soon will will be able to tell customers what time to expect their package. yeah, telematics and EDD have everything to do with it. It is surely in a test phase right now.

    it's going to be a game changer.
  5. klein

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    Thats only because people like you have never driven for a longer period of time.
    You have road closures , accidents, bigger bulk then normal.
    Sometimes soo much bulk, that stop nr: 25 becomes stop #1.
    Because, you need to unload that, before anything else.
    And then it's easier and faster for the driver to continue on stop 26, then to backtrack all the way.

    But, you may never understand it.
    Just look at each truck every morning what they go out with.
    You'll see it changes every single day.

    If I can somewhat walk or climb over my pacels, then usually, I'm ok, with doing the schedule.
    But, if I need help just to close the back doors and squeeze everything in.. Then I;ll reload, that the majority of the bulk goes out first.
    Only way, to have a successful day.

    Besides that, by then prelaoders have given up, and leave packages outside the truck, for the driver to decide where to put them.
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    sounds great doesnt it..... problem is that a huge number of drivers dont run the route in the time that mr. computer tells us to..... if they were to implement at my center right now, it would be telling me I have to punch out by 5:45.... problem is I run 2 hrs over and will clock out at 7:45.... had my OJS rides and all.... still run 2 hrs over.... will have to be a lot of re-time studying done: yeah that'll happen.
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    That sounds like a sweet day, come in the hub at 1824 and peace. Make sure you tell your sup that the reason the truck is full of ***** still is 'cause you had to come in at 1824 but thanks for the family time :)
  8. Solidarity413

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    You're out of touch and sad. But you are really funny! :happy-very:
  9. Our center has not had a time study in 12 yrs. and for the last week my count has gone from 140-150 to 130 and I have been getting home an hr. and a half earlier, so today they tell me that there are going to do the time study on my route from last week, i can see this going the wrong way. They do not even ride with us anymore, it is done by satellite.
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    Are you serious? EDD is the whole reason we can't tell customers what time to expect their pkg now! Edd has the bright idea of moving morning work off one driver and putting it in the 8000 section on another driver!

    You know salesguy, I have read your posts and never commented on them before. You are passionate about what you do and optimistic and for that I commend you. But apparently you need a big dose of the real UPS world!
  11. BrownSuit

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    So were you 2 hours under or was this done on your phone during break?
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This was done on my laptop from the comfort of my recliner while on my meal break.

    I am too cheap to have a smart phone.

    I punched out at 1820.
  13. BrownSuit

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    Still 4 minutes under, was that pretty common for everybody at your center?

    Now the challenge is to build the SPORH based on this info . . .
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  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    When I punched out there were about 5-6 pkg cars in the bldg which means there were about 20 drivers still out.
  15. Bubblehead

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    ETA for most people stands for Estimated Time of Arrival.

    At UPS it now stands for Expected Time of Arrival.

    And Jimmy cracked corn...
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    For me the challenge is reading what you post without laughing my ass off.
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    When you can demonstrate to me how to run a 45 mile long area and make the airs by 12:00, then decide where you are going to start the run so that you can make the biz stops before closing and then make the meet point and then make the rest of the stops THEN you can ETA my customers for their delivery times.
    You Atlanta guys HAVE NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Customers used to be able to set their watches by us.

    Now we are as bad as the cable guys--we'll be there sometime between 9 and 5.
  19. tourists24

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    you are correct upstate.... I cant even fill out a correct time on a NI1 delivery notice telling them what time I will return tomorrow
  20. klein

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    Isn't that soo true... I would mark 2 boxes and inbetween write "or" !