Excessive Overtime the new normal

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by chitown, Jun 1, 2019.

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    Scanning the package tells the customer the package is loaded on the truck and going out for deliver. Packages should only be scanned as they are being loaded. Past management told us to scan bulk and post office that was not being loaded at that point, but we refused and told them it was unethical and against the training we received by IE.
  2. I agree with you. Management does tell pre-load to scan every package. Whether going in truck, stacking, under belt, etc...Technically the only package that should be scanned is if it it ends up in package car/truck. If you do it when stacking, technically one isn’t loading the truck. So your load numbers are inaccurate. And of course a package scanned that doesn’t get loaded can be lost or a mislead.
    Lastly, every time I read on Brown Cafe, the Union is more and more disappointing. UPS never, ever gives 24 hours notice for the next days shift. If I start at 3:15 am on a Tue. They tell me Tues. after break at 6:15 that tomorrow’s start time is 3:30, that’s not 24 hours. Why don’t the union heads fix this?
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    Good point. I haven’t heard a single thing about loading numbers, the only thing we get told is out scan percentage at my center. That’s their biggest concern right now due to high amounts of misloads.

    Our start time changes daily, and we often don’t get the notification until late evening for the next days time. (5 or 6 pm sometimes for a 2:30 or 3 am start time) what’s this 25 hours you speak of lol
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    If you go on the 9.5 list, you will work 2 days over 9.5, then they will make sure your in before 9.5 the rest of the week. Simple as that.
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    Why don't you fix it?
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    Request a truck audit every night. Make sure you request a steward to be present as well. Also let them know by doing this it may put you over 9.5.

    They pulled the same stunt with me a few weeks ago. So I request an audit with a fellow steward present every night when I get in.
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    UPS is becoming wonderful

    They took away my 8 hour days! :( you guys can come help me every night when I tell them I’m going to have missed.
  8. That’s what I pay a union for, it’s a terrible union. But, I pay them. They don’t do anything.
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    If there were a loser rating I'd press that for this post.
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    97 in oregon, 109 in phoenix, hottest temperatures on record so what better time than to slam us with multiple day's worth of business volume.
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    "Let's cut routes at 7:30 and put businesses on the 8000 shelf and chuck it all in the back mixed in with RDL and RDR so you have to spend lot's of time in the truck digging on the hottest day in 6/12 history"
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    Gosh.. Some of the discussions and topics related to PT preload position are a bit confusing.

    My orientation is this next week, so have not actually started to work yet. The 4:00 am to 8:00 am is what I signed up for, but seems from reading through the forum, that schedule is all over the place..

    The rest of my day is on a routine that I really have to be able and start at about 9:00 am..

    Without jeopardizing my job, especially as a new hire, how, or is it even possible to make them stick to the 4-8 schedule I am signing up for ? I do not need, nor desire more hours than this.
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    The standard preload shift starts as early as 2:30AM and lasts until 9:00 usually but often goes to 9:30-10:00.

    If you do unload then it is possible you can finish around 8:30 about 9 out of 10 times. You will not be able to maintain a 9:00 start for another job. 10:00 would be more viable.
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    Let management know your special circumstances and I am sure they will allow you to succeed.
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    Why can’t you live on 40 hours a week
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  17. No fixed schedule at UPS.
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    Every day the start and end time varies. Doubtful that you will consistently be off by 9am to pursue other work etc. Especially as a new hire the likelihood is you’ll be one of the last to be cut for the day as it’s usually the new folks that get stuck waiting for late air etc. They will not “stick to 4-8” schedule. We check the Facebook page for our building daily for the start time- and end time is just “until completion” or until enough drivers come in and we get sent home. Expect times ranging from 2am-10am honestly depending on your building. Peak I hear can be 9 hours a day.. good luck
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    If I were you I would be consistently making it clear throughout the hiring process that you gotta be outta there by 9. There’s no guarantee that this will happen, totally depends on your building. However, I know there were several guys when I was on preload that would leave at a certain time every day because they worked it out with the preload sup. So you’ll just have to communicate and feel it out.
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    Never understood this one. Part timers rushing to get off the clock. I'll stick around till the last area is loaded, when they let me. Extra work is where the money is at!

    I'd tell management I don't have facebook, too. In my local, my understanding is that they have to post start times the day before, by the end of the shift. Not my job to keep checking a facebook page off the clock.

    Agree about the start times. Mine generally never starts before 4:30, except during peak. Driver start time is 9:15. So unload usually leaves around 9:10, and preload usually leaves around 9:30. I'm sure it depends on hub vs center, with a million other variables.

    Last peak, the most hours I ever got (just on the morning shift), was 10. Left the building at 11:30. I wonder if air was late, that day? ;)