Fair Days Pay for Fair Days work???? REALLY!?!?!?!

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    Whoever came up with that statement is truly the biggest moron that was ever born! Im sorry but when you start out as a low guy at UPS its hardly ever "fair." Now before alot of you veteran guys write in and say you gotta pay your dues, I want to say I totally understand where you are coming from. However to me its amazing how "STUPID" my dispatch is compared to the seniority driver that normally runs the route. On average Im running at least 20 more stops. I know the reason-Cheap labor, but tell me where the "FAIRNESS" comes into play there? They have sent me out blind, and sent me out with dispatches that were meant to fail as far as AIR is concerned. I talked to the supervisor before heading out and got told, "You will be fine you will have and hour and a half." I have no problem paying my dues and even having a heavier load than a veteran driver, I totally understand and respect that. When they send you out expecting you to do something impossible is when I have a problem with it.

    Just ranting over a bad few weeks. Sorry if I offended anybody was never my intentions.
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    No problem.
    We all feel that way sometimes and some feel that way all the time.
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    keep running rookie the only reason u get more work is cause they know u run harder to get in the same time where a veteran driver will do the route by the book without shortcuts. if they give him more work he will be in later
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    Everything has to be by the book for everyone now. With telematics. How does one cut corners, as a veteran I dont care about the numbers, I just like punching out.
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    Centers don't care about the cheap labor. They don't play with real money. You cost the center the same per hour as the top driver.

    They care about production and service failures. There is no logical reason for them to intentionally give you work that is known to be impossible. They have to answer for the service failures and poor production numbers, but not for the hourly wage cost.
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    Imagine if Hoffa came to us during the bargaining of the last contract and said "Okay, you're going to give up getting a pay raise once a year to split into 6mo. increments so the company can stay competitive. We're going to stick it to the new part-time hires' benefits too so there's a high turn around and the moral and load qualities will go down. Oh and btw 9.5's, 22.3's, and harassment language is going out the window as well." I think we would have struck. Where's my damn DeLorean?
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    That's not really accurate. Even with the over-supervision that comes with telematics, one can still take select shortcuts IF they want to


    Im sorry but I dont agree with that last statement. If that was true why doesnt turn over bother UPS? Why arent they more willing to keep people working for them LONG term? I know you will say thats what they say. What they say and what they do are 2 different things entirely.

    I dont know its probably a waste of time debating much of anything on here. I am not interested in arguing over it.
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    Stay safe and do one stop at a time, the rest isn't your problem.
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    The problem is UPS thinks a fair day is 11 hours or more of work, notice they dont say a safe day.
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    so, are you paid for the 11 hours? You talk like they pay you 8 hrs. and you work 3 more for free. Go work at a bank 9-5.
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    I guess if money is your top priority that 9-5 comment makes a lot of sense(?) I like seeing my wife more than 20 minutes a day. So many of the divisional and district management we have seen have been divorced AT LEAST once and normally two to three times. For some, their top priority is their stock and there is no time left for the family they left behind to build their little kingdom. The marriage is just another car left in the garage to rust because waxing it isn't their job. Great legacy. For them, "Getting the Big picture" only applies to driving a package car.
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    I happen to believe this is true which makes UPS' business practices that much more mind-boggling. Just for a quick example the cutting of a route. It would make sense if you could just lay the driver off for the day but the contract states you have to find him 8 hours of work somewhere if he was told to report. So now he has to work in the hub making $31/hour for a job that pays $8.50/hour. Then, you are paying 5 drivers OT to deliver the work from the cut route. Just because the route is cut doesn't make the cost of that route magically disappear. Someone is going to be paid to move those packages and the miles must still be driven to do so.

    Yes, you save wear and tear on a vehicle for a day and maybe the to and from miles but I think that's it. To me this is nothing compared to the $31 bucks an hour you are paying the displaced driver for 8 hours to work in the hub.
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    Wow what to say? How about this.

    I have never complained about my pay at UPS never.
    I understood from day one UPS was not an 8 hour 9 to 5 job.

    On the other hand I like my family and hate getting home past 9 and not really seeing my kids other then on the weekends. Maybe you dont care about seeing your family I actaully do, but then I have never seen your wife.

    Mabye you actaully think its safe to work us 11 plus hours for months on end, but then the number of injury's and accidents dont seem to agree with you driving when overlly tired is as bad if not worse then drunk driving, but then maybe you are suprehuman and dont get tired.

    Or maybe you work in mgmt and care about as much for the workers as your do for the customers, ie not a bit.
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    Her husband was a district/division manager.
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    Oh no kidding...that explains everything.
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    Division..... and he worked 12hrs a day [either 6-6 or 7-7] and never was home for a hot meal.....just re-heats. There's hard work on both hourly & mgmt. sides. For years, he just ate and fell asleep just like drivers do. It's not a cushy job as some here suggest in many threads. It's hard work with a stress level of accountability added to it. Yes, there's a payoff for all that hard work......retiring early.
  18. menotyou

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    My only intention was to point out that your perspective is more from the managerial side. No disrespect was meant or intended.
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    I agree it's not fair. The cover for me on Monday had a 13.5 dispatch when I only averaged an 11.2 for the week last week. :greedy:
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    You know you can file 9.5 grievance. The language may be weak, but filing does generally help with your dispatch. It did for me and the others that filed in my building. The one's that have not filed are paying the price, but they could file too.