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  1. Justaname

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    What's your favorite spot to get away from it all and why? My fiancé and I agree on gulf shores, Alabama. We've been to other beaches, but this spot is by far the best. Beach, southern hospitality, and during August September never busy. Love to hear yours for future vacations.
  2. over9five

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    The Caribbean. Been to St Thomas, St Lucia, Barbados, Curacao, Aruba, Cozumel, St Maarten, St Kitts, Caymans, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Grand Turk, Bahamas....

    We love the warmth, the beaches, the local beer.

    ​Many more to go!
  3. Justaname

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    any pirates? Jk. I've considered it because Costco has great deals on the caribbean, but unfortunately it seems the next vacation is to Paris( fiances preference). Who knows maybe it'll be fun. My French is very bad I know how to ask to go pee because of freshman French class and that's about it.
  4. STFXG

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    Cayman Islands. Best beaches in the Caribbean. Rum n cokes and a beach chair. That's all I need.
  5. over9five

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    That'll be an awesome trip!
  6. scratch

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    We love Gulf Shores, Alabama, just about any place on the Gulf of Mexico has pristine white sand and warm Gulf water. The water on the East Coast is a lot choppier and colder to me, and the beaches aren't as nice. I've been to Hawaii three times, I love the North Shore area of Oahu. You have the beach and the mountains in one package, thats hard to beat.
  7. ManInBrown

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    El Conquistador Resort

    ​Fajardo Puerto Rico

    I go once every couple years for a week or two

    Great resort and if you have never been to PR you have to go. Relaxing vaca spot
  8. bottomups

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  9. brapkurst

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    Any cruise to anywhere. Also went to Colorado in 2002 when I was in 9th grade haha. Has to still be my favorite place that I have visited.
  10. Alen

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    I am in st maarten for my family vacation. Night life here is simply wonderful with funfill pubs. The Villa we are staying is only a 3-minute walk from Simpson Bay Beach and near airport. St Maarten vacation is my all time favorite..
  11. bsmart

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    I been all over the world and The Caribbean is definitely my favorite spot... and this tiny island in the Mediterranean called Malta is a close second.
  12. brapkurst

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    Jealous ^ ...always have wanted to do a Med. Cruise to take in the Greek Islands along with Sicily and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Being only 26 I have plenty of time to check off all of my worldwide travel destination goals. These include Hawaii, S.E. Asia, Northern Europe and more of the Caribbean as I have only been to the Bahamas twice along with Grand Turk and Jamaica (The Best!) Just keep the children on hold for as long as possible lol.
  13. moreluck

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    Wow, how lucky are you to KNOW you have plenty of time left ??? Just do it !! Nobody knows how long they have !!
  14. klein

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    Sofar for me, Cuba was the best place I've ever been, and I want to go back so bad.
    Best beach, beer and rum (don't smoke cigars), and also dirt cheap (even though it was all -inclusive), cigs are from 35cents/pack, and if you wanna take Havanna Rum back home, a bottle goes for as less as $4.00. I bought a 3 pack gift box of rum for $11. It included the reg rum, black and gold ones.

    The resort wasn't cheap on their free booze, either.
    Almost every world known beer and hard liquor was served for free, too (from Becks, Heineken to Johnnie Walker Gold) - just no American brands.
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  16. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Munich Octoberfest , I would like to revisit, too !
  17. moreluck

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    I can't help but notice everything you do and every place you go involves beer or booze !! That's just sad.
  18. DS

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    We have 5 days in June and were thinking of maybe a short road trip to somewhere in the northeast USA.
    Too short for a New York city visit,but maybe just enough time to enjoy the scenery to the coast and stay
    for 3 days or so.Toronto to New Haven Connecticut is about a 7 hr drive.I'd really appreciate everyones
    input.We are tempted to just follow our noses,but a destination would be nice.I know a lot of you either live in and or have some some familiarity with the New England area.Does anyone have any ideas?

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Why not Maine? I've been going there my entire life. Lots of Canadians go there. Still have fond memories of the same kids I got to hang out with every summer when they returned.
    You could try white mountains of New Hampshire or the lakes region there too. That's where I'll be August 10-17, Newfound lake, Bristol. NH.
  20. Cementups

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    London has been my favorite vacation but closely followed by any trip to the Caribbean.
    I have no affiliation with them but if you check out www.travelbyjen.com , they have some great deals on some great destinations.