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    Our numbers are small, but growing, and FedEx doesn't like that, meaning that they will probably increase monitoring of this site and possibly try to identify and pressure some of you into not participating in the discussion(s). FedEx is all about controlling you as an employee, both on and off the job. The more they can intimidate you and the less you know, the better it is for them. Information is their enemy, and well-informed employees are "dangerous" because they might actually have an opinion that differs from the corporate mantra. They hate that.

    Be smart. Don't identify yourself or your specific location. One of the best aspects of social media is that you are anonymous, unless you choose to not be. I would highly recommend that you remain anonymous and give them nothing to go on. Station-specific information, exact years of service, specific incidents and accidents, and personal references that are narrow and easily traced are probably a bad idea.

    I post from a smartphone during the week with the BrownCafe Mobile app, and I do it during breaks or when I'm waiting on a customer or for a late CTV. I never talk about what I'm posting nor do I identify myself as a BC poster. I promote the site by mentioning it to fellow employees in the abstract, as in "I've heard of this site where FedEx employees can learn about some of our issues". Nothing wrong with that.

    FedEx doesn't want their dirty laundry aired. From the beginning, they have taken great pains to carefully craft a public image of a responsible, concerned company that values it's employees and has a moral responsibility to serve the community through charity, transporting pandas etc. Of course, we all know it's a big lie, but John and Jane Q. Public do not. They think FedEx is a great place to work and that "FedEx Cares". When a MD10 catches on-fire, they don't want you talking about it. When someone sues and gets a big payout for being discriminated against or targeted for elimination, they want that kept quiet too. Thefts, unsafe working conditions, working for free, and being pressured to drive like a maniac aren't part of the image they want to convey.

    This needs to be exposed, because FedEx is one of the worst companies out there when it comes to abusing and intimidating employees. I think that a lot of valuable information gets dispensed on this site that is awakening FedEx employees about just how "good" Fred Smith has been to them. The current reorganization effort has accelerated both employee angst and anger.

    I hope a lot of you lurkers and cruisers out there decide to begin participating by posting. But be smart about it, and realize there is nothing they can do to stop you from expressing your opinion or stating a truth previously hidden from most of us. Help get the word out on what's really going on at FedEx.


    I dont claim to be that much of a computer savvy but always wondered if one could be traced by the computer IP address..
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    Generally not without a subpoena.
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    I would refer you to the Obama re-election campain and their uncanny ability to track and solicit the exact voters they wanted to vote.
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    You'd have to prove criminal intent first.

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    It's called voter registration. If you registered as a democrat they wanted to secure your vote. Also many different organizations that are considered liberal probably was key in reaching out to those voters. Nothing sinister about it. We have freedom of speech so nothing to worry about. As long as you stay anonymous on here , I doubt seriously that they are going to find out who is posting here.
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    Incorrect. They were a thing of electronic beauty and tracking key strokes on a computer has been around for decades. If they want to know who is posting here or from a smart phone, it isn't hard for them to get that information.
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    I am always amazed at people's misconceptions about 1st amendment rights.
    A US citizen is protected from the government taking legal actions (arresting and imprisonment) against it's citizens speech.
    Companies can take any action they want and firing of employees has been upheld in the courts.
    The "court of public opinion" tends to make companies tread softly in this area but companies and governments fire employees all the time for what they say.

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    It doesn't take a president to hack a computer and it's contact information. Ask any 15 year old computer geek.

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    Exactly why it's highly improbable that anyone posting here is going to be fired for it. And if they did fire me it wouldn't be the end of the world.

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    Did Obama hire a bunch of 15 year olds to collect all that info?
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    Let me refer you back to the "generally" part of my original response. I never said it was difficult. Just that its not legal without a subpoena. IP tracking will get you as far as the ISP and maybe even the city or state you are posting from. to get names takes hacking the ISP.

    Or hack in to the user. Nothing legal.
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    I've been Identified.. I've told them try anything and I'll bury you. I've got enough dirt on enough people to make life miserable if needed.
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    Or the owners of a site can just give it to anyone they choose (not saying they will) but I don't believe there is anything stopping them if they choose to. The owners of sites have your IP address, that isn't debatable.
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    I have plenty of dead bodies to exhume.
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    It's always good to have a notebook, a smartphone, and it's camera.
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    I was watching John McLaughlin on public television this morning and this topic was addressed. I then got to thinking how I would find MFE if I were Fedex corporate. Start narrowing it down from what we know from Fedex employee info, public records, and Brown Cafe. We know he is a topped out courier with previous experience in UPS feeder. That gives us a time frame of initial employment considering topout rate and a good chance that UPS experience was included in his application. We know that he is disgruntled and outspoken critic of Fedex at all levels. Triangulating these facts should narrow the pool significantly. Add to that his inference at times to work in realestate and public records should hold information as to accreditation in that field. Add to that his democratic leanings and bi-racial marriage and voila! a very clear picture is being painted. Send all this out to Express senior managers and I bet within 24 hours Memphis has their man. None of it illegal. In fact the only thing keeping them from doing it is an apparent lack of will to do so.