FedEx begins layoffs to cut operating costs

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    FedEx begins layoffs to cut operating costs - Yahoo

    FedEx Corp. has laid off 1,000 employees to meet job cuts the package delivery company announced were coming after third-quarter earnings dropped 75 percent.

    FedEx said Friday that half of the laid off workers were employed in Memphis, where the corporation and its largest operating unit, FedEx Express, are headquartered.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Wonder what this bodes for UPS ... we seem to follow what FredEx does to some degree.
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    So much for the "no layoff" provision of P-S-P. Another FedEx "promise" bites the dust. Just another reason to tell Fred "thanks" with a vote for the Teamsters. As far as I know, these are the first layoffs ever in the Express division. Good times...
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    Call them layoffs if you want, but the employees whose positions were eliminated are being allowed to bid on other open positions within the company nationwide. So, they aren't just kicked to the curb, if they choose not to take another position by May 31st they receive a severance pkg. How many companies allow you to do that?? Most places would just say "too bad". Mr. FedEx, I'm not sure what your complaint is about since these were all salaried positions. No hourly employees were affected at all.