FedEx custom critical?

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  1. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    I saw a truck driving around today with this written on the side in blue and purple. Is this the same as UPS supply chain solutions? Maybe some of you ex-FedExers can shine some light on this.
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    Custom Critical is run by expediters. They are independent OTR contractors. Typically team operations that pick stuff up and drive close to non-stop till it is at the destination.

    It used to be fairly profitable for O/O's but is getting less so.

    The biggest problem for expediters is delivering into an area that has no outgoing freight (think North Dakota). Now the contractor is in the middle of no where with little or no prospect of a load. Time to deadhead. Guess who pays for that. And, if I understand it, forced dispatch.

    You can find out lots by going to (something like that.)

    Lots of hatin from their contractors there too.

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    Yep, true. I used to see them a lot in the Chicago-area. Never got a look at the plates to see where they were based. I can't remember the last tiime I saw one here.

    I was talking to my father a couple years ago about transportation companies--he works with several freight companies every day--and he told me the same thing. A call comes in to a dispatch center in New York City for 40 pallets that need to be in Dallas, Texas yesterday and Custom Critical gets it there. He called them Road Warriors for a reason. -Rocky
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    I seem them all the time here in CT.. more so then like 4 years ago.
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    I know a guy that works for fedex custom critical.He always tells me he wishes he applied at UPS instead.
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    FedEx bought Roberts Express a few years ago and renamed it FedEx Custom Critical. All owner-operators, typically running straight trucks with sleeper cabs.