Fedex Ground Independent Contractor Insurance Program

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    A buddy of mine work for an insurance brokerage firm that has a insurance program for workers comp and auto liability that would save you contractors anywhere from 20-30% a year in insurance premiums. Typically, fedex ground contractors sign up through a program with Marsh for workers comp and auto liability (as you probably already know). This past year they have helped over a 100 contractors in the Midwest reduce their insurance cost with our program.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in more details.
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    Our insurance runs 40K per year. I wouldn't mind saving if this is legit
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    I've looked a lot. Most companies that quote a lower comp rate take over your payroll. The cost for their payroll service is 4 times what it costs to use quickbooks and do it yourself. This makes their savings a wash. The last quotes I got didn't even offer a lower comp rate, there's a range for our worker class and there's not a lot of wiggle room.
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    You can save money over marsh comp but their truck insurance is hard to beat
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    Sorry, we don't need sales shills on here. Hey Mods!! Get rid of this assclown.
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    You wouldn't happen to be Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars by any chance, would ya?