FedEx Ground pay



I have been talking to some fedex ground tractor trailer drivers on the CB radio for a while now. I get the impression that if they own 3 or 4 trucks and have some other drivers working for them, the owner makes a fairly good living. However the drivers that work for them seem to be making about $0.28 per mile. One driver said she drives about 500 miles per night locally. Thats only $140 per night for a 12 hr day with no healthcare, pension, sick days, or vacation. Ouch.


<font color="0000ff">I don't now about all that with the "Contractors" as they are called at Fed Ex Ground but I know the take on the package car drivers there, or "P&amp;D Van Drivers". They don't deliver air. They average $45k on A GOOD YEAR AFTER all the expenses. To take vactions or even get a day off is a pain in the ass. Drive by any Fed Ex Ground hub and most of them have a "Drivers Wanted" sign posted. They can't keep them or Tractor Trailer Drivers very long. When I was a shifter at Fed Ex Ground I didn't get the impression that their Contractors were very happy with their jobs judging by their seemingly endless desire to try and cuss me and my fellow shifters every day. LMAO</font>