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    Been approached by X to possibly run some rural HD routes in the Austin/San Marcos area. I know X "culture" varies from terminal to terminal.

    The HD routes would be in the San Marcos, TX area and surrounding. I guess they are expecting some issues with the new ISP guidelines and current drivers/contractors. We've been through the vetting process before in CO.

    Any insight on the terminal "culture" serving this area would be appreciated from those who work in the area.

    No problem taking it off forum if easier.

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    While we were waiting for some of you guys and gals to "chime in", we talked to our area ground route guy and he told us they were desperate for help in rural areas. Next thing, the X recruiter called us like in Colorado and had us jump through hoops with the primary interview process and told us we're far ahead of other IC candidates. (Sure we are)

    Meanwhile, the service from HD in our surrounding areas is horrible as Smartpost packages get to our business sooner than HD sent to the same address.

    Now, the recruiter tells us he'll call us when he has more info on routes available and will we be ready to "jump in" ?

    We think the ISP model hasn't hit Texas yet, or at least our service areas and X is just wanting someone to fill a void if any of the current IC's flake out with the new contracts. This is a different picture than our own route driver tells us as he suggested we contact X in the first place.

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    According to X's CSR's, they are aware of the lack of driver coverage in the area and have now pushed the latest delivery time to 10pm for any HD parcel. My neighbor got delivered last night after 9pm, and it's not even the holidays..