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    Dear FedEx Investor,

    You need to be made aware that you have invested in a seriously mismanaged company. Short-term, your investment may do well, but long-term, holding FDX shares might be a problem. There is one thing keeping FDX shares high at the present time, and it is the FedEx Ground operating company. FedEx Ground is a contractor-based business model, in which most workers are paid very little and receive no benefits at all. The Federal Express corporation oversees operations, but all drivers are not classified as employees, even though they should be. This is a matter with possibly severe legal implications for FedEx in the future.

    In short, FedEx Ground is carrying the water for the other operating companies. Without the low-cost Ground division, FedEx would probably be well on it's way to's that poorly managed. Our top executives reward themselves richly, while simultaneously alienating and lowering the wages and benefits for employees who actually work for FedEx as employees. Employee satisfaction and customer service are at all-time lows, and turnover is high and getting higher by the day as employees realize that FedEx doesn't care about them or the way they service customers.

    In fact, FedEx does everything possible to cheat customers, through intentional overbilling and by failing to provide services that the customer has paid a premium to obtain. FedEx Express just settled a large case out-of-court for intentional overbilling, and more are probably in the pipeline. Customers who pay a large premium for First Overnight services frequently have their shipments ignored, or diverted to the later PO service. Sometimes this occurs because there simply aren't enough employees under the current cost-cutting business model, or FedEx simply chooses to save itself money by not providing the service as promised. If you try and recover your money, be prepared to be lied to and diverted away from the true reasons you didn't receive the level of service you paid for. This is Standard Operating Procedure at FedEx...LIE to the customer whenever possible and hope they don't follow-up and discover why their package(s) weren't delivered on-time, or perhaps not at all.

    FedEx has invested a tremendous amount of money in faulty delivery technology, as system referred to as DRA. This system creates a scenario in which packages are frequently delivered late, or possibly not at all on the scheduled day because it creates routes which are inefficient and/or unable to be covered due to staffing shortages.

    If you are a large investor, you need to investigate the leadership of FedEx, because even with all of the cost advantages that have been afforded the company through favorable legislation and a non-union workplace, they continue to underperform from a profit perspective. With few exceptions, they are incompetent, and need to be replaced with knowledgeable leaders capable of generating profit levels consistent with the operational advantages provided them.

    From an ethical perspective, FedEx has serious issues. If you are an investor with a conscience who prefers to sink their money into a company with ethical business practices, perhaps you should look elsewhere. Long-term, this lack of ethics has the potential for serious legal costs and large settlements not in favor of the Federal Express Corporation.
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    The Undeniable Truth
  3. CJinx

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    Sage investor advice about a company by someone employed in an entry level position in said company. :whiteflag:
  4. Route 66

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    as opposed to the BS that's liberally shovelled out on a silver spade by the company officers.
  5. MrFedEx

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    Are you referring to me or you as "entry level"? I may or may not be higher than you expect. But maybe I am or am not in a position to confirm, deny, and/or comment with an informed opinion about how this company does or does not work. Plausible denial on my part, but I stand behind what I say. Bottom line: Investors beware.
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    OK, I hafta ask... if this were a military operation and you were an outside person seeking advice, would you take the advice of a butter bar simply because he wears the brass? Or would you be more inclined to listen to the master sgt with 13+ years in even though he is a simple enlisted man?
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    Well said.

    This should be printed out and a copy handed to each person who attends the next stockholders meeting. Investors have been in the dark far too long.
  8. CJinx

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    This isn't a military operation. Even if it were, the opinion of a disgruntled master sargeant with an inflated sense of self worth and a massive chip on his shoulder is about as valuable as that of the brass; none at all.

    Now back to reality; you have senior executives for the company who want to make it look like the pinnacle of greatness so people buy more stock, and you have an angry senior courier(we assume) who is out to cause as much damage to the company as possible without getting fired. Both opinions are equally useless.
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    Would you mind if I posted this on my Facebook page? Bloody genius.
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    I look at it this way, if FedEx has no problem lying to its employees and lying to it's customers, what's to stop it from lying its investors?
  11. Cactus

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    Exactly. They're not telling the investors everything, that's for sure.
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    One of my co-workers relayed this one to me. He was at a stop, and his uniform shirt was getting pretty ragged looking (like most of our uniforms). Someone at the stop asked if FedEx payed for our uniforms. He told them they were not spending any money on uniforms at this time. When he was asked why, he asked them if they had stock in FedEx. One woman replied her husband has FedEx stock. He then replied that's why we can't get new uniforms. Wish I was there to see their faces!
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    The bottom line on Wall Street is profit. Profit is distributed to shareholders as dividends. Profit is used to grow a company to increase profits and thus dividends. This is all overseen by the Securities Exchange Commission and great care is taken to account for all profit and thus all taxes on said profit. A company such as Enron comes along once in awhile and hides behind a house of cards, but the Enrons and Bernie Madoffs of the world always get caught when the cards collapse. FedEx on the other hand has concrete evidence that it is running a legitimate business: all those planes in the air, all those couriers picking up and delivering. In the end will the accountants show a profit of $3.8 Billion in 2016? They're running us ragged trying to make it so. And screwing us to do it.
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    So fricken true yet they go ballistic when a utube video shows one of us doing something wrong pointing the blame at us yet when they get sued for their stupid mistakes its not published! !
  15. MrFedEx

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    FedEx is horrifically mismanaged. Think Hostess and JCPenney combined.
  16. Cactus

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    And probably Enron too.
  17. chargerlou

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    So true but wr have a Vietnam vet that's running this company anf bless him fot his service to this country. But dang he is treating his bread and butter us couriers like the Viet Kong
  18. TUT

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    Have you worked there as well?
  19. Cactus

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    One doesn't have to be an employee at either company to see what's happened with them.
  20. MrFedEx

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    Exactly. Both were major failures of leadership, especially at Penney's.