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    Hi I currently work as a part time dockworker for FedEx National LTL and I was wondering if I could transfer to FedEx Express? I was browsing the official FedEx website and I noticed they are hiring Courier/DOT positions and I was thinking about applying. Can I apply for this position and fill out an application even though I work for FedEx National LTL?
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    None of my business, but don't you have like less than a month on the job?


    you should be able to apply but you'll be a new either way
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    I've been having a few problems as a part time dockworker for FedEx National LTL so thats why I applied for the part time Courier/DOT position for FedEx Express. If I did get that job I would give the manager of National a 2 week notice.

    I started working for FedEx National LTL as a part time dockworker for a little over 2 weeks now. It really hasn't been going well and I'm thinking about resigning. There is no set schedule, I have no idea when or if I work any day of the week. I have to call in every morning to ask the manager what time I'm suppose to come in and when I do work its for around 3 hours or less. There was one day I worked 2 1/2 hours and I don't live down the road, it takes me about 35 minutes to get there, its actually located right next to the UPS center. Today when I did my routine of calling the manager in the morning to ask him what time he wanted me to come in, he said he would have the operations manager call me back in 15 minutes. Well he did call me back but 6 hours later telling me he didn't need me for the day because it wasn't busy. During the interview the manager mentioned that I would be on a forklift 85% of the time, actually there are some days I'm only on it 25% of the time and when I'm not on it I'm running around the dock like a gopher helping the drivers who are operating the forklifts. Its just not what I expected, its a part time job so its kind of hard for me to find another job if I have no idea what time I'm suppose to work or if I'm suppose to work a particular day. I'll give it another week or two to see if anything changes, a set start time would be a start and maybe working more then 2 1/2 hours a day wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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    If you get a job at FedEx, expect about the same sort of treatment. If they need you, you might work all day, and if not, they'll happily send you home with 2 hrs of minimum pay. You can also count on being jacked-around at Express. At least you will be scheduled over here. I'm guessing that the other divisions are run in a manner very similar to Express, which means being jerked all over the place goes with the job.
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    Unfortunately this is what you need to expect when you work for a place that has no set guidlines in how thier employees are to be treated. FedEx is using this economy to thier fullist advantage, thier oppinion is you should be lucky you even have a job so shut up and take what we give you! UPS isnt always a bowl of cherries but there are strict guidelines in how we are to be treated and if they arnt met we have a contract to hold them too. It always amazes me that are rates are so similar but they way the treat and pay you guys is sooooooooo different. Good luck and P.S. are part time loaders are atleast GUARENTEED 3 1/2 hours Monday through Friday.