fedex raising rates

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by ironylife, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. ironylife

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    usually they wait for us to raise our rates then follow, any insight into this rate hike. Is there any news on ups following?lots of news on ups looking for large intl companies to purchase, same with dhl.....havent heard zip for fedex.
  2. over9five

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    We raise our rates every year. I would hate to try to explain to my customers why we would do it twice a year.
  3. peacock71

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    THey are tipping their hand, in effect calling for a truce on rate competition, hoping UPS will follow. FEDEX always lies in their press releases, look for the hidden message in their dis-information. Even the Motley Fool guys were confused.

    Go UPS!
  4. susiedriver

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    One tidbit was that they are lowering the fuel surcharge. In any case, it sure has helped their stock.

    Did you catch the blurb (WSJ?) about Greenspan checking in with Fred at the stadium to see if the economy was still moving? Maybe Mike and Scott should start attending games at Fedex Stadium.

    I'm hoping for good news on Oct 20, or at least good spin on whatever the news is.
  5. ironylife

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    ups has the lowest fuel sircharge than, dhl, etc. my manager was saying that the sircharge for some ltl like yellow, roadway was 30-40%...ouch!
  6. susiedriver

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    Actually the fuel surcharge for ground is the same for both UPS & Fedex (3.5%), the air surcharge is 3% higher for Fedex (12.5% vs 15.5%).