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  1. What is fedex smartpost? I ordered an item from a company in Texas and they would only ship via fedex smartpost. I cannot believe that companies or customers find this service acceptable. This item shipped on Dec 4th and is still in transit as of the 12th. I ordered another item from a company in Memphis and they shipped it UPS ground - it will be here in 4 days with a weekend thrown in for good measure. I did contact the fedex shipper but they did not want me to turn in a lead.

    I guess some people just don't care about service.
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    it's a Fedex service.......

    This is a UPS dominated board. Maybe search for 'blue cafe'?????

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    christ the guy is talking about competition and you want to mock him. grow up.
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    Pointing out something that may not have occurred to the OP.

    Obviously, everyone is not as smart as you.

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    FedEx's version of UPS Basic.
    When delivery date is of no concern and when the post office gets a roundtuit.

    If it's not delivered by the time peak season is over, it should be shortly thereafter.
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    It's similar to Mail Innovations. FedEx takes it to a Bulk Mail Center in your area and drops it off. The Post Office runs off the last mile of the delivery.

    There is very little visibility once it gets to the PO,

    It looks like it just didn't move over the weekend, which would make sense since this isn't exactly a high profit margin. Indy is their air hub, in the area, looks like it's taking its dear sweet time around there.

    Depending on what Time-in-Transit you were promised, I'd demand my money back from the shipper or a credit towards a future purchase if you didn't pay shipping.
  7. Wow thanks for the tip - the point (I guess you missed it) was THE CRAPPY SERVICE OUR COMPETITION WAS PROVIDING. I work for UPS and usually try to avoid ordering from companies that don't ship UPS but in this case I could not pass on the price of the product. Thought other UPSers may be curious but I guess not.
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    As a fellow UPSer, for me, if I cannot have an item shipped UPS, it is a deal breaker. Killer deal or not.

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    That's hardcore.

    I personally find UPS usually too inconvenient (I work nights so who do I give my package to? Who will scan it?) and expensive (where's our discount?) to use. I would never use FedEx but I do use the Post Office. I noticed most eBayers use the Post office too. UPS really needs to tackle these issues. UPS can start by giving us a discount. I never heard of an employer that did not give it's own employees a break. When I tell people we don't get one they look at me incredulously.
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    Not to me.

    It pays my bills.

    If I were a union meat cutter, would I go to Sam's for my groceries????



    If I were a UAW guy, would I drive a Honda/toyota/subaru etc.


    For me, it is an easy decision.

    Tom B
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    whats wrong with the union people that make toyota? got something against them?

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    basic - ups delivers 80% of the volume, USPS 20%

    smart post - 100% delieverd by USPS.

    you need a ton of volume to get basic pricing, though.

    its another smoke and mirror by fedex.
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    only at one plant that is co owned by GM. If it were up to Toyota, it would be non-union.

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    I try to avoid FedEx shippers completely. But when they are splitters(ship both, which ever is cheapest) it gets more fun. Then I try my best to let em know to use UPS but when they still ship FredWrex then I refuse it and ask for a full refund, and they eat the shipping. It's a simple request, and I'm giving them my business, they should abide or I go bye. I noticed Amazon started using Smart Post. Why did we not try to get them on Basic. Looks like FredWrex got the DHL volume.
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    That's true of any unionized company. UPS would love to be non-union.
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    UPS invited union organizers way back when....

  17. Jones

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    That was way back when. I'm talking about now.
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    As another poster mentioned, SmartPost is a FDX service that uses the USPS for 100% of the end mile delivery. FDX picks up the trailers from customers and brings them back to a facility to process smartpost pkgs. They then sort them into trailers headed for the BMC (Bulk mailing ctr). However, they don't release trailers until they are 100% full, so it could sit for a while on the door. Also, these aren't expedited movements, so there could be delays from the carriers. Then the post office processes it at their BMC and gets it to the local DDU (Destination delivery Unit). aka the local post office. Then the mail carrier delivers the pkg.

    Our Basic service is picked up by UPS and brought to a UPS building. Usually we hold the trailer for one day to purposely delay service, so it doesn't compete 100% with our grnd service. Although for some customers this isn't done. Then we put into our network with normal delivery commits. 75% of the pkgs get delivered by the man\woman in brown, and 25% gets delivered to the local DDU (post office) where the mail carrier delivers it the next day. Our Basic is a bit more expensive then FDX's smart post, but it's a lot better service also.

    Also, with our Basic (weather it goes to the USPS or not) has no claims, shipper release.
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    hummmm, jimjamesjimmy? maybe you should go to work for fredex, if there so much cheaper, or spread the word to fellow employess so we all can go over there,man some people just dont get it i guess.
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    I would turn the lead in anyways.

    That was great info BTDT, you've added to my knowledge.