FedEx To Close Four Call Centers?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Feb 5, 2009.

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    I read a post on the FedExaminer site today that FedEx will be closing 4 unspecified Call Centers in the near future. If true, are these the first "layoffs" in the 36-year history of the company? Or will all the displaced agents be offered handler positions at one of the Hubs, which almost nobody would take? (Translation: Eliminated workers who "refused" new positions and won't get unemployment)

    In view of all of these cost-cutting moves, why is FedEx still flying execs and VIP politicians all over the world in our very expensive and quite large fleet of executive jets?

    Guess how many executive jets UPS has? NONE, (Zero), and all of their management flies either coach class on commercial airlines or via jumpseat on UPS aircraft. My source? A post I made 2 days ago on this site asking how many business jets UPS owned.

    So, while Fred, Matt, and Dave are jetting-off to Aspen or Jackson Hole, the corporation is letting people go. I wonder how it feels to be sipping wine at 40,000 feet, knowing that someone who actually needs a paycheck no longer has one? I know that you might have to buy a Merecdes now instead of that Bentley, just so you can look good Fred, but come on, how much longer can you keep the charade going?

    The 20% cut you took is much more than the total compensation of the CEO of UPS. I imagine that the ratio for your upper management team is similar. So while we ration toilet paper, eliminate coffee and bottled water service, and now, actual employees, you're still jetting your pampered ass and that of your politician friends all over the world. All the while, you're making about 5 times what your counterparts at UPS earn.

    Sorry Fred, but you are the lowest form of scum that exists on this planet. Lower than even Rush Limbaugh, who perhaps still has some small bit of conscience left in his fat, tortured soul.
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    Although I don't always share your opinion, this is a very well written post. That last paragraph would make a great signature line for someone. Just remove the word "Fred" to make it more universal.:happy-very:
    Thanks, I enjoyed it.
  3. MrFedEx

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    In the interest of fairness, the word as of now is that the displaced agents will apparently work from home via a computer link so FedEx can save money on Call Center rents/leases.

    Everything else I said stands. Smith, you are one incredible piece of work. If kharma is real, you're pretty far up Sheet Creek as far as the cosmos goes. If not, Hell has lots of free space. Perhaps you can share a room with Ken Lay.
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    If nothing else, you are amusing.
    I enjoy your posts.
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    Mr. Smith doesn't deserve this online tongue lashing from a malcontent insider. Mr Smith is an international business icon of immense proportions. Think of the thousands of jobs he's created with a college paper that should be enshrined in the Business hall or Fame, or Smithsonian.

    From property owners (lease and rental contracts) to aerospace workers, to universities which received vast amounts of tuition to educate and train our future,would strongly disagree with your viewpoint. This American capitalist miracle venture ranks at or near the top of the list.

    This planet would be like offices and homes without air conditioning and indoor plumbing if it weren't for Mr. Smith's fortitude and business ideas and ideals.

    Mr. Smith has won many CEO and Chairman awards voted on by his peers in American business throughout the decades and he rightly deserves all allocates presented him. American business is still the most competitive and effective group on the planet and they recognize quality.

    Mr. Smith's no layoff policy is a modern marvel in this environment of companies throwing away loyal employees like disposable waste. There is no greater honor in a business relation whether it be employer/employee or company/customer than sincere loyalty. True/for real people tighten their belts and get through the hard time together.

    Whenever there have been tragedies around the world that needed rapid attention Mr. Smith and his leadership team have been on the front-line giving a helping hand to humanity.

    The Smith legacy from Mississippi River boat entrepreneurs, to national Greyhound Lines Bus lines, to global logistics is an true American success story that almost all pedigree business schools teach their students like other cultures teach their students copy the Torah or learn to recite the Koran. He is the genuine article of successful accomplishment.

    Any problems that FDX is having with under performing departments or subsidiaries will be worked out in due time with the famous people first philosophy.

    Whew…I’m really glad I could get that off my chest.

    PS, when it comes tine to privatize the USPS, you better hope Mr. Smith is around.
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    FedEx freight to lay off 900. What happen to the no lay-off policy, that the greatest CEO in history has shouted out?

    COSMOS Member

    Fedex Express has the no lay-off policy. Call center employees work for FedEx Services. Both Freight and Office have had some lay-offs.
  8. MrFedEx

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    Smith is an A-hole of major proportions, and you can wave the flag all day and kiss his royal butt too....he's a crook who has screwed his people continuously to build his empire.

    Did you ever notice that whenever FedEx sends a mercy flight somewhere that the pallets are covered with "FedEx Cares" stickers, and that everyone is wearing t-shirts that say the same thing? This screams "media event" to me, but you're too ignorant to see a PR stunt in the making. If FedEx really cared, the plane would leave ASAP in the middle of the night, without the phony t-shirts and TV coverage.

    Smith was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he's made it golden through his political connections and payoffs. How do you think he's kept FedEx under the Railway Labor Act for 35 years? It wasn't because his employees love him. He's spent millions in order to save hundreds of millions. Smart business and lousy ethics.

    By the way, where is your Smith shrine located in your house? Is there a picture of him over your bed too?

    At my house, his shrine is porcelain, shiny, and white, and I wave goodbye to him as he swirls around on his way to Memphis at least once a day. If I eat lots of fiber, I get to see him twice a day.
  9. DeputyDip

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    It's a no lay-off philosophy not policy....I'm not saying, I'm just saying. :happy2:
  10. MrFedEx

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    You are absolutely correct, and management is going to great lengths lately to make sure we know that it is exactly as you say...a philosophy. I expect layoffs to commence soon. P-S-P isn't worth the toilet paper it's written on.
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    No company is immune to masive layoffs in today economic conditions. Does anyone thing Fred had the forsight to see the economy go down the toilet? FedEx is responding to the economic conditions like any other company out there today, including UPS.

    Unfortunately, layoffs are layoffs, regardless of what business you are in today, manual labor, service, technology, financial, retail, etc. It's called a recession, that is very close to the depression of the 30's.
  12. MrFedEx

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    Fred had no foresight at all, which is clearly evident from his interview this past summer in which he said there was "no recession". As I recall, President Bush was saying the same thing at the same time, even though we had already been in a recession for over a year at that point.

    I don't object to FedEx responding to poor economic conditions. That's just part of doing business. What I do object to is Smith's methods to get rid of people, which are sneaky and underhanded. While we aren't laying anyone off yet, please be assured that as many employees as possible are being shuffled out the door via enhanced discipline and deceptive policies.

    The fact that FedEx doesn't lay-off is more a result of the way they shortchange their people financially than any desire to protect jobs. The low wage and benefit structure of FedEx compared to UPS gives management much more leeway in controlling costs, especially labor.
  13. MrFedEx

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    The FAA Authorization Bill is coming-up for debate in the Senate (that's the place where Fred's buddies do him favors in exchange for money). Let's see if the all-powerful Smith wins this time around or if he'll go home to Elvisville sadly disappointed.

    Next on the agenda will be the Employee Free Choice Act. Will the Wizard of Odd's cash help him there too? Probably not.

    Fred's lucky the economy is so bad. Otherwise, we'd go Teamster in a landslide. So sad that your great leader is viewed otherwise by those "leftist commies" who want him to fall on his face. You had better start sending those donations to the 2012 Palin campaign right now in order to fight for elite capitalists like Smith.
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    Working at home sounds pretty freaken sweet to I the only one that would welcome that?
  15. MrFedEx

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    Call Center agents are controlled like robots, so letting them work from home could be a big problem. How is Fred going to keep a watchful eye to make sure he's wringing maximum productivity from them for every moment of the day? A webcam, an electonic monitoring bracelet, or a chair that delivers electric shocks every time the agent nods off?

    I would be willing to bet that working from home for FedEx would be miserable, and not that much different from actually going into the call center. Be assured that nobody will be on Easy Street with this deal.
  16. New Englander

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    Obviously everything would be monitored via computers.

    Just the simple fact that you can sit in your easy chair and pick the dingle berries out while your chatting with an unhappy customer is priceless.

    No gas, fast food or office politics?

    Sign me up.
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    Thank god they are closing them, hopefully they
    are the ones on the border towns... cause well frankly
    I hear to many complaints about how poorly they speak english.

    Speaking of Jackson Hole... I wonder if Fred ever visits the Hell Hole of a Station up there... They can't keep couriers cause it costs too much to live there, and they don't have an adequate pay adjustment,(and they can't compete with the oil companies that pay 35+/hr which keep stealing drivers...)
  18. MrFedEx

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    I know someone who actually used to work there.They had to live about 50 miles away in Idaho just to afford rent. They actually counsel transfers so they know what they're getting into as far as the cost of living goes. I've heard they do the same thing for Alaska and Hawaii. One would think they'd make some sort of large pay adjustment, but the fact they don't isnt surprising.