Fedex vs UPS,who's better to work for?

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    No kidding. I got a survey in the mail today from the IBT. One of the questions was "Do you think that it is important for the Teamsters to devote resources to organizing employees at UPS's non-union competition, such as Fedex and the regional delivery services?". I answered "Extremely Important". They should have done it several decades ago.
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    UPS, Benefits, pay, pension. need I say more
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    I'd like to go out for a day with a Fed-Ex driver and see what their day is really like compared with ours.  It seems like they're under a lot a pressure just like we are but the Express trucks always look so empty when they've had the back door open.  The person I see frequently on my route always looks so harried.  I'd rather work for UPS though.
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    Why do we continue to compare UPS to FedEx Express? Ground is the beast that is growing, and will look a lot like the UPS we are used to. In that comparison, don't think there is anyone who wouldn't rather work for UPS, save the former-UPSer who was fired or quit from UPS and is now at Ground. However, FedEx Ground is China/India/Kenya (where Riverside Uniforms come from; check the label!), and I worry whether it will matter soon where we prefer to work; our jobs will be "outsourced".
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    I choose UPS.

    Money talks.
    FedEx(unless you were hired 17 years ago) pay keeps you at the poverty level.
    UPS you get paid what you are worth to the company.

    well I suppose it depends on where you are located, but my UPS managers were OK, only had to deal with them in the AM.
    FedEx well I guess they can be bad, but mine are fine..
    both UPS(on car) and FedEx(station level) managers are just puppets for
    whatever the conference call in the AM says... otherwise they are just paper pushers.

    As for the Job, they both have issues. UPS man I miss the workout and a bricked out P1000..
    Express, the work isn't too hard(had to use the hand truck twice today... ;) )
    the biggest challenge at UPS is getting done,
    the biggest challenge at Express is multiple time commits depending on area you could have 4 commits...
    it's an interesting juggling game we have to play sometimes.
    So FedEx is like Chess, and UPS is like Jenga.... I'm really bad at Analogies..

    Either way at the end of the week I'd take UPS for the pay, I enjoyed the work too bad I moved and couldn't transfer.
    Now if FedEx had topped me out, I'd probably be singing another tune(thus the split in employee moral)
    a 6 year employee at FedEx makes ~10/hr less than a topped out employee..
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    I'm 24 years old. I had worked for FedEx Ground as a package handler for about 3 years and then drove for about 2. As of April I got in at UPS as a full time permanent driver. FedEx DOES NOT even compare to UPS. Working for a contractor is terrible, they screw you in every way. I made more as a trainee at UPS then I ever did at FX. You go in anywhere between 7:00 and 7:30 am, spend 30 min sorting your truck because you have no manifest like we do. Dispatch around 8:00 and work till at least 6:00 usually. Home delivery drivers have to load their own trucks, and they put in at least 12 hours. Oh and getting no vacation, paid holidays, no hourly pay so no overtime, and zero benefits .

    UPS is such a more professional company in every way. Yes management makes no sense sometimes, but after being a FedEx Ground driver, you realize how fortunate you really are.