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  1. IzzyP

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    can anybody tell me the pros and cons about Fedex Line Haul routes in California?
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    Pros----beautiful weather.

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    And just how many FED EX linehaul routes have you done?
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    A lot unanswered . Ground or Xpress. If It's ground you either own the routes or work for a contractor. If you work for a contractor it might be all right if you are just getting started and don't have the stripes to get on with a premier carrier. Like wise you won't get anything close to top dollar and you have the experience pulling doubles.
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  10. IzzyP

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    I'm interested in getting into the Fedex business. I see that there are Line haul routes available for 570k cash flow is 124k. Is that a good investment. I'm new to this and just wanting some advice from those of who have been in and out of the business.
  11. It will be fine

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    I wouldn't bother buying any Linehaul contracts. If you want to contract they are probably recruiting. I'm not sure what the rules are in Cali for Linehaul. They may want you to own multiple trucks and have employee drivers. If you have access to the capital just buy some used trucks and get your own contract. If you're available and willing to take the least desirable runs when you get started you can eventually earn enough points to bid on good runs when they come up. With the amount of new terminals Ground is putting up new runs are popping up all the time. There's always a need for teams, so if you can staff team runs there will be high revenue runs available.
  12. bacha29

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    No question that the best way to find out about getting in is the ask the guys who are getting out. A lot of factors to consider including whether or not you can find somebody who meet X's driving requirements and are willing to drive for less than top pay. The result will often be taking people the premier carriers will not hire for one reason or another. The biggest adversary will no doubt be by own own admission your own lack of knowledge of the business. If you believe that all you have to do is to buy some trucks hire some people then just sit back and collect the money then you will be out of the business possibly in just a matter of months. If you don't have your own CDL and have considerable time behind the wheel of one of those rolling coffins then get it because given the high turnover you will often find yourself behind the wheel .
  13. It will be fine

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    The thing with Linehaul is it's not as big a deal if you don't have a driver for a run. You just lose points, it takes a while before you lose the rights to the run. I think like all fedex contracting there's decent money to be made if you own one truck and drive it yourself. The margins aren't great owning multiples so it takes quite a few trucks to make good money that way.
    What exactly is OP looking to buy? The existing company? That has a lot of potential pitfalls. The runs? Can you buy the points? If points don't transfer of start with one truck if possible and slowly expand after getting in and understanding the system.
  14. IzzyP

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    Thanks guys. I certainly appreciate all the comments!
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