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    I'm interested in becoming a 710 feeder driver but the thing is I know 705 full-timers don't have to go to package car for 710. That's what management told me, but I don't think it's true. Aren't we allowed to cross over to different unions because I've known 705 part-timers who crossed over into 701 PE mechanics?
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    What I meant to say was management said for me to go to package car. That's what I don't think is true!
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    Well I'm not sure if switching locals makes a difference, but going to PC first helps your chances as if you're PT a feeder position that opens up goes to the FT first and then down to PT via seniority. So being in PC just means you don't have to hope no FT people bid it so it goes down to PT seniority.
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    Right, cause I'm a combo 22.3 Ft worker.
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    I'm not aware of there being a difference between 22.3 seniority and PC seniority in terms of bidding to feeders. So assuming that there's no reason to go to PC first. I'd assume if this is incorrect someone will swoop in and clear it up.

    Good luck though.
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    Hiring practice for feeder driver differ by region and local. In my area if you don't have over 20 years of senority you have no chance of getting a feeder position. In some areas they hiring feeder drivers off the street.
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    Then there is hope, but I am not all that familiar with the procedures up there in Chicago to tell you how exactly it works. I am one of my area's newest feeder drivers coming fresh out of 22.3 combo air driving. It is not unheard of in my building for feeders to pull from combo and even part-time workers here. In my building we have 3 centers, and the PC drivers in those centers get first dibs on any openings in feeders. If not enough package car drivers sign up or are qualified from those that did sign up it goes to fulltime inside and combo by seniority, then finally part time. A few years ago, much to my dismay, feeders took in a part timer who had not even one year of seniority with the company. Anywho, I do not know if 705 and 710 have a different procedure setup. I would suggest you ask any feeder drivers you come in contact with how they got into feeders, and if they know of other drivers who were able to skip package car. Unfortunately it is just a waiting game for a list to be posted and knowing where to find and sign said list. Goodluck!
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    In 705 at the CACH we haven`t had new drivers come in for a few years now. I`m not sure for 710. History was that all came from package car but there was discussion of 22.3 would be eligible as they were considered FT jobs. But I don`t think it went farther than talk.
    There was a period 8 - 9 years ago were they had a sign up to allow 705 feeder drivers to bid over into 710 feeder. Problem was your feeder seniority did not dovetail into the board. Anyone who went over went to the bottom.
    As far as I know what ever local you`re in will be the local you would work your way into for feeder.
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    If you're L705 (& 22.3/full time) now (or at least not currently not L710), in my opinion, the only way you'd now move to L710 feeder is as an 'off the street/ 1 for 6' outside hire. And I think you'd need on road experience for that. My opinion only, but it has my own weird logic behind it.

    Did you ask your B.A. about this? ^^

    Anyway, probably aren't many feeder openings in either 705 or 710 now. I did hear of feeder driver retiring in the St. Louis area recently, though.:wink2:
  10. cachsux

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    There`s four or five leaving by the end of Jan but I haven`t heard of them being replaced.