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    The pay methods for delays in our center of approximately 100 drivers keeps going through changes. Since the pre-trip is included in our mileage rate pay, and we are not to be paid for any "unscheduled on property (hourly) work" until this amount of pre-trip time has expired;
    Question: What is the national average time allowed to pre-trip, what is suppose to be a tractor & trailer units pre-connected (all together) ready to go? Our management is saying this time is 18 minutes for doubles, and 17 minutes for singles. Management wants this unpaid pre-trip time to be as LONG as possible. It appears that we are now allowed to take a little over 16 minuntes to pre-trip a tractor, because they are only allowing 1 minute to pre-trip the second (single) trailer and dolly? Does not make since!
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    Delay is to be paid after first 15 minutes of start work, regardless of equipment
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    I'm not so sure about at ta

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    RE: First 15 minutes; Is this a National Article 43 Premium Service Committee agreement, or just within your workplace area?
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    Not sure, a copy of the page with the article highlighted is posted in our dispatch office. I know at least for Southern supplement
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    Your pretrip is not unpaid time, its built into your mileage rate. I have been a mileage driver for quite a few years in the Midwest and I can tell you that my schedule for doubles allows for 23 minutes to pretrip and get out the gate. But since we never have our tractors hooked to our loads, we are able to charge the company 6 minutes a day to do this work. They pay us this 6 minutes regardless of whether it takes me 15, 23, or whatever minutes to get off property. If there is some other issue such as dispatch requiring me to fuel or build a set, I am allowed to charge after the first 5 minutes on duty because they have already put me behind schedule for requiring me to do this work. There is nothing in writing posted at our barn here, that's just the way it is and has been for quite a long time. One of those Local management/union handshake deals I guess.
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    From start work until leave, we get 24 minutes to pretrip a set of doubles already hooked up, including the tractor being hooked up and be at the gate.

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    THANK-YOU VERY MUCH for you message. It will be very helpful to us.

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    THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSE! It will be helpful us.
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    Get a copy of the"article 43 rules" from the union hall. Delays are spelled out very clearly.
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    If tractor is not hooked up to trailers we charge from start time till we leave. Every hub different. UPS likes it that way!!!!
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    I guess it just depends where you are from. We have different rules from building to building, and management will tell you that they don't always agree with the union on what is allowed. Most of the time, there aren't issues. If our tractors aren't hooked up, we charge them from our start time until we leave. That's how it's always been. If you are hooked up, and you have no equipment issues, you get no delay pay, no matter when you leave.

    We have an agreed amount of turn-around time, and our meals are scheduled for then. If we don't have to wait, we can take our meal anytime before our 8 hours, but after the TA.

    When we get back, we just park our rigs, post trip, but don't breakdown. If they want us to breakdown and fuel and wash, then our delay pay goes from the time we hit our inbound button, until we clock out.
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