Feeder School Complete Now What?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Rented Ammo, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Rented Ammo

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    I've completed Feeder School and I Have My CDL Class A with Doubles and Triples, Combo Vehicles, and Air Brakes. Do I/Should I get the Hazmat Endorsement just for the hell of it or do I need that? Also, There were 73 Drivers on the waiting list to go to feeders for this select building I'm talking about. Apparently all 73 got Feeder School Letters. I know the cutoff date for the casuals is January 10th so will UPS begin hiring Qualified Feeder Drivers shortly after that period? I feel like UPS subcontracts whenever they can and will try to hold a great portion of 73 drivers who got qualified back in package car.
  2. Rented Ammo

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    Not all 73 accepted the school I'm sure some of them said no.
  3. superballs63

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    You've completed feeder school but you are asking about endorsements? Does not compute.
  4. Mugarolla

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    You do not need the hazmat endorsement at UPS. You do not need the passenger or the tanker.

    You only need the class A with a T endorsement. (Doubles/Triples)

    If you end up quitting UPS, you can always add those endorsements at a later time.

    Sounds like you're in a major hub. The word is, we lost the train contract and UPS needs a crapload of feeder drivers to move the trailers that were on the train.

    If all 73 got letters, I'm sure a few will back out or wash out. Looks pretty good for you. Good luck.
  5. Mugarolla

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    I believe that the train contract that did not renew expires January 15.

    They will try and sub contract some of that out, but it is our work. Hoffa better stand up for us.
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  6. retiredTxfeeder

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    Next step is to buy you a wheelbarrow to carry that big fat feeder check home in!:happy-very:
  7. You go to feeders you stand a good chance of getting fat.
  8. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Wish they made our uniform pants with elastic in the waist. That would help after meal time.
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  9. MaceFremonti

    MaceFremonti Active Member

    Is that a nationwide contract or just a regional one? If there are no rail loads after January 15th then close to half of the runs out of my building will no longer exist...
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The railroads are putting us on the back burner due to the demand from the oil companies.

    The ironic part is that the drastic plunge in oil prices, due in large part to record domestic oil production, may lead to a reduction in that production and excess capacity on our railroads.
  11. Rented Ammo

    Rented Ammo Member

    I've been with the company since 2005. Started part time and worked my way to package driver in 08'. On 27th day I hit a small tree branch which put a 1inch hole on the passenger side of the truck. There was a witness and i reported the accident but then didn't get a chance to drive till 10'. This past September I get a letter to go to feeders. I wasn't expecting that letter for at least another 6-7 years (I'm 28 years old). As far as getting fat I have a room in the house designed for doing a workout program. I'll be fine lol
  12. barnyard

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    I am pretty sure it is contracts with the BNSF. Unless congestion is causing the RRs to pay on the service guarantees in other parts of the country.
  13. MaceFremonti

    MaceFremonti Active Member

    Management where I am is just saying we will have to wait and see what happens.....