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    I won the bid for feeders. Human resources gave all 17 of us 4 weeks to get our permits or we would be skipped. My BA came gave us a PCM and said get your permits or you will be skipped. I along with 3 others got our permits before the deadline.. We were scheduled for class.. Now 4 guys with more seniority got their permits way past the deadline.. The union is allowing them to bump us out of class. Do I have a grievance?? Thanks n advance
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    Yes you do.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes unless there were reasons beyond their control that caused the delay.
  4. rama

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    What article do I file it?
  5. rama

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    The senior employees that didn't meet the deadline have no reasons.. My BA is telling me that since they got their permit before I went to class.. They get to go before me. I told my BA I was going to file a grievance and send it to panel. I just don't know which article I should file it under
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    Good question.

    Before putting pen to paper you should probably give your BA a courtesy call to let him know that you plan to grieve what happened. As I stated above, something may have happened which caused the delays which your BA took into account when making his decision.

    If you still want to move forward with the grievance just fill it out to the best of your ability and your steward and/or BA will complete the rest, including the Article number.
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    You don't have a leg to stand on because there is nothing in the contract about deadlines for getting cdl permits. And seniority prevails at all times. And your BA has already made his decision and any grievance filed would probably get "lost".
  8. Mugarolla

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    That depends. If all 17 are to be trained, it sounds like you will also be trained. Maybe not on the first class, but possibly the next one.

    I am assuming all 17 of you are FT right now, so it most likely will not matter if you are the first one trained or the fifth one trained.

    You keep your same FT seniority date.

    The only time this may matter is if they trained one of these guys first, and they qualified, and got to bid a feeder job that you could have bid on if these guys were trained after you.

    If all 17 get trained before anyone can bid a feeder job, it is a mute point unless you want all these other guys disqualified from school and have them replaced with people with less seniority than you.

    This is not going to happen.

    You did have a small chance to win this if UPS made the decision. But it sounds like your local made the decision.

    Any grievance you file will be point of order. "The local agreed to letting them be trained." Grievance denied.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    HR set a deadline and the BA reiterated the importance of meeting that deadline. The OP and 3 others met the deadline-----4 others did not. Now, unless there were valid reason(s) for the delay, in what world is it fair that the 4 who dragged their feet be given the opportunity over those who took care of their business in a timely manner?
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  11. Mugarolla

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    It may not be fair, but this same BA agreed to let the feet draggers go to feeder school before the others.

    In other words, the Union agreed to it.

    You cannot grieve something that the local agreed to. Your only alternative is to file unfair labor charges against the BA.

    And this will go nowhere. Yes, it is unfair. No, it is not a contractual violation.

    The BA changed his mind.
  12. EasyTrucker

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    The union and the company agreed that the drivers who were late getting their permit would still be allowed in feeder school. The decision has already been made by the same people who would decide this grievance. Obviously they are going by the contract, which says seniority shall prevail at all times. Life isn't fair sometimes. Now if the OP could prove that he lost an opportunity getting a FT seniority date, then maybe he has a case. But different feeders are run different. Some you get a new feeders seniority date and others use your original FT seniority date. OP has to wait and see if he was harmed by this decision in any way before he could file a grievance.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So then why set deadlines in the first place if they are going to simply be ignored?
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    A grievance belongs to the union not the employee. The union owns the grievance once it is filed and can settle it or ignore or do anything they want with it. The standard that should be used is that they settle the grievance in the best interest of the union. Notice that the standard is the union not the grievant.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    A union that does not honor deadlines sets a very low standard for itself and its members.
  16. OPTION3

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    This, from someone who subverts the contract that the union negotiates; is hysterically funny.
  17. Jones

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    Some areas use classification seniority (we used to but got rid of it a few contracts ago) and if that's the case for the op then I can see why he's worked up about this. I agree that he doesn't really have a grievance.
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    As long as they got their permits before the school was scheduled, it really doesn't matter. Besides, once you go through your non-productive week, your second week is done in seniority order, because odds are they're not doing them back to back.

    Are you being trained through UPS, or being sent to a 3rd party training school due to their being too many guys going into feeders? Just curious.

    What area are you in, BTW
  19. rama

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    Ups is training and in mid south district
  20. East coast navy

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    This happened in 177. They are pushing so many drivers to go feeders they exusted the list. The junior guys got permits done before Senior guys. When it came time for class junior guys were told lies about they need hazmat or they had to wait until the senior guys got there stuff.