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    I have to give some credit here. I work for a feeder supe who doesn't fit the mold. He is a great supervisor and he can actually do the job he wants us to do even though he never worked a day in feeders. Imagine that. He works with his drivers when we need off and exhausts every possibility to make it happen. He also makes sure we are recognized for safe driving ie cookouts 2 times a year and not hamburgers. Steak my friends, ny strip. Just wanted to give credit to a good supervisor.
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  2. govols019

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    Mine is awesome as well.
  3. We have a good leadership team here as well. There's no resentment between union and management. Everybody gets along just fine. We're small enough that everybody knows each other. When it warms up they have a fish fry for everybody. It's great. Everybody just sitting around talking and having a good time.
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    Good to see there are a few BOG's out there.
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    Haven't seen that used in a while.
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    Feeder management is a lot different than delivery management, and by different I mean better.
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    We only have one on road who's kind of a dick. The other 3 are fine.

    All the other Sup's (dispatch, PT, and all that) are fine
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

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    we had one come in and did nothing but wanted to change the world. he never drove and came straight from the dispatch chair. he has learned that we do a good job and that safety is the ultimate goal.
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    Nitro knobs!
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    Double trouble
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    Born leaders aren't bred much lol.
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    Just wanted to give you a shout for big respect for you Sparkey doing the feeder thing, you guys are badasczz dude lol.
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    Big and slow, the way to go.