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    Been hearing rumors of the new IVIS coming to Oklahoma before long. Some of u guys out east that already are on it, can you give us some ideas as what to expect. Heard you punch in and out in your tractor instead of in dispatch. Is that a rumor or is that the way it is done? Did they eliminate the plastic timecard with the computer chip on the back? Thnx for any insight.
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    It's a huge disappointment. The team responsible should resign. I could do a better job with the programming.
  3. Old International

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    We don't have it yet. We have been promised that it will be here by mid year, so it sounds like it is a coming..............
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    We are supposed to get it here in N.E by summertime !! no more two min run ins for a coffee to go !! Big Brother will be watchiing!!!!!
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    Who are you trying to kid? I've never seen a feeder driver run anywhere------unless it was rainning cats & dogs------but even then it was only a fast walk.:happy2:
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    You don't "run in for coffee", you run into the coffee shop to use the facilities. (because it's a convienent, safe place to park the truck) Then you patronize the establishment for use of the facilities.

    To the OP, we don't have them in NJ yet, just in the shifters. Have seen and talked to drivers that have them. There's no more smart card, you punch in on the new IVIS in dispatch, then go "punch in" to your tractor and the job get's downloaded into the IVIS.
    I was told when the system gets fully implemented you won't even have to pick up the phone at the gate, it will just download where to put your inbound load and information about your next leg, etc.

    We also keep hearing, "any day now" although if the old IVIS breaks supposedly they can't be repaired anymore.
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    Uh, we heard this when IVIS was first implemented, what, 15/20 years ago? Can't remember. Mangler said, "Within 2 years, you'll be able to punch a button 5 miles from destination and you're in. No more stopping at phone, no more dispatch, etc. The Elvis will tell you where to put loads and what you're taking out, if any thing." Here yet? I don't think so.

    Looks like more paperwork to me. At least it was in sleeper.

    Walk upstairs to get dispatch. Let's see, pre-dispatch was already in their computer, BUT, they hafta write out yer numbers and bays to hand deliver to you. You hook up. Write down numbers w/seal control numbers in paper log book. Then you punch same in to Quaalcom, which is sent to Louky. Then you stop at outbound phone to holler up numbers that they should already know cuz they're the ones that gave em to you in the first place. THEN you hafta punch Quaalcom for leave to transmit numbers to Louky OR phone Louky if their system is down (which was almost 24/7).

    Arrive? Same thing in reverse. Stop at Center phone, punch Quaalcom or phone for arrival, update log, walk upstairs after dropping, get pre-dispatch...and on and on.

    More computers? Bring it on. Just means more time and more paperwork.

    Oh, now? You say they've got it perfected? Hmmm...OK. We'll see, er, let me rephrase that. YOU'LL see. I don't go to work anymore.
  9. The new IVIS has bluetooth,wlan,and gps. It shouldn`t be a problem except for those who aren`t doing what they say they are.
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    We've got it here, and you still have to punch in and out in Dispatch. I've never used the old IVIS except for shifting so I can't say how much harder/easier it is to use. I personally like it as its a touch screen and very intuitive to use.
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    I've been using it for several months now. I really wonder if UPS will hold whomever is responsible for buying this junk accountable. I do CPU work and this thing is constantly working against me. There are major problems with the programing. The touch screen is a bad idea. If you get a little grease on the screen it may go into some mode that you cannot get out of without recording some activity you are not even doing. The buttons are very small and you often hit the wrong letters or numbers and have to constantly delete. There is lag time between screens of sometimes over a minute. This is bad since you need to go through four screens to do anything. The thing has GPS which would be great except we cannot use it. We get all the stupid messages like we did in package. Be wary of drunk drivers, Don't forget to wear seat belts, etc. This would not be so bad if the thing did not lock up when you got a message and needed to reboot. Did I mention the program was horrible. Until I figured out my dimmer button was not functional it was like the sun was in the cab with me at night which made backing difficult. It does not always automatically turn off when you start to drive as advertised.

    Not to be all negative so there is one positive. You no longer need a smart card.
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    I had it for a year now... I was the first to get it in the entire district... In the begining, Ivis was not set for live(A Motorala attena special device attached to tractor meaning they can track everything you do in real time) there were alot of computer bugs and clitches. Once fixed, My Ivis was set for live..Explained by my sup, anyone with a internet base computer or laptop anywhere can log on and track you on your posiition, speed, how many gears u missied, how many Hard Brakes you had, eta times of arrival, dispatch at ELOC can see where you are and what you doing at all times... just if the supervisor was sitting right next to you....I havent changed my ways of doing my job. My sup gave me the privilige in showing me on his computer what he sees all his drivers doing.. And believe me,,, Its very , very detailed...otherwise, I like it......
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    Is the IVIS smaller and out of the way so I can take a decent nap in my cab? At least in feeders we CAN still run, and not limp like so many of my package coworkers.
  14. cachsux

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    Depends on where they mount it. It`s about 10" square and flat.
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    There just starting to put them in where I am, basically NO. I was in a tractor the other day, and half the IVIS was over the passenger seat. A person can't even sit in that seat. (No safety ride in that tractor).

    They could have figured a better way to mount it, but........this is UPS.
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    Is it possible to get a pic of the new system? Also, what is the model #???
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    We have them in North Jersey now and I am amazed how backward they are. Very SLOW. Doesn't add up cpu pieces once you hit TA. The other day nobody could punch out or log off in the tractor for an hour. If you try to insert a leg it goes to the bottom. I have feeling that the people who designed it didn't have very much knowledge of what we do. And this was supposed to be an upgrade?
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    I like watching the little "wheel" go round and round :-). I figure it waste at least 3-4 mins a day punching in and out. " you pressed turn around, are you sure that's what you want to do?" or whatever it says. If you hit leave there's no going back, at least the old system you could hit escape. At $.50 a minute on straight time, it probably wastes $3. a day per driver, x how many feeder drivers? Now that's "efficiency"!
    "are you sure you want to turn the screen off?" yes/no
    The only "plus" to it, is if you're doing tractor moves and they're set up for it they can send you moves, no radio or asking a shifter for move and you can send and recieve messages.
    Supposedly in the future it's going to inbound you, tell you what door to go to, what your outbound load is etc. At least that's the "plan". That's gonna work real good when you're sitting on line around the block at the meadowlands during peak.
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    Don't worry, the new on time network supervisors will have it all under control.