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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Xav, Jan 23, 2014.

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    I am/was a seasonal hire (late nov) and i got a bunch of questions i cant seem to find on these forums. If you guys could answer some of them id appreciate it and maybe be of help to future new hires. Anyways
    1. It's my 3rd week paying union dues ($19), does that mean i'm actually in? or do i have to wait til i finish paying all of it? can they send me home before 3.5 hours at this point?
    2. I don't know much about this new contract, what would be my status once it passes? do i get retroactive pay?
    3. I've seen people show up to work once or twice a week, how do they still keep their job..?
    4. I've seen people doing "doubles" on my shift, yet people from my actual shift get sent home..can you do doubles on your own? like asking around if they need help or do you have to ask a ft supervisor? how would that work with a new hire?
    5. What does it mean when a sup "power scans" his way out of the container? or when they ask you for your userid?
    extra credit: For the tuition reimbursement, do you have to show proof for books purchased?

    Thanks in advance!
    ps. UPS is not that bad of a job as they make you believe online/interview/classroom/this forum :biggrin:
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    Have you met your Steward? It may be helpful to know what area you are in. Maybe you can get someone on here that happens to be in your area as interpretation of the contract vary a little from area to area.
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    I think he introduced to our platoon on your first mentoring day but i haven't seen him since.. and i'm in secaucus nj
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    You never stop paying union dues. I too pay $19.25 a week in dues. Used to be once a month. Crazy how they will let people have the time off and then work other people doubles. Managements problem. Doubles go by seniority. Should be a sign up sheet somewhere. Not a bad job at all as long as you keep looking for something better in the meantime.
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    Nice, I'm in the Secaucus location as well. That's weird, I was hired in November as well, but don't have union dues being taken away from my check..although I did work back in 2008, but didn't ask for a withdrawal card. My PT sup said my seniority is still there though, so not too sure where I stand. If you're paying Union dues, you're in the union. They CAN send you home before 3.5 hours because you're most likely the person with least seniority.

    Not sure where you stand, but you do get retroactive pay whenever they decide to actually hand those checks out.

    You should ask your FT Sup if any other FT/PT Sup are looking for help. I'm actually working a double tomorrow myself. I started working doubles because during peak, I worked on a Sunday at a different PD and I assume the PT Sup liked the way I worked, so he asked me if I wanted to come in that Monday and I agreed, etc. He'll ask me at times if I want to work doubles and I'll work doubles everyday if I can for that money and OT, lol. (At the same time, I've been told that I'm lucky I'm working doubles because they normally don't let new hires work doubles), but asking never hurts. Hope I answered at least some of your questions.