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    Soooo one of my credit cards offer FiCo score monthly for free...

    Monthly check of that score seems excessive?

    Anyway, I signed up & my score is 828


    How did this lowly FedEx home delivery driver get such a high rating?!?

    Possible I'm a landlord as my side hustle...

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    I'm not sure how accurate the credit card one is.
    When I applied for a loan a few months ago, the score my bank showed was much higher than what the credit card company showed.
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    Just keep paying your bills on time
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    The FICO people sell a bunch of different scoring models to companies. The FICO score I get from my credit cards was considerably higher than the one they used when I refinanced my mortgage recently.... Probably cause my mortgage history is short.
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  7. Two of my credit cards gives me a free credit score. It's only updated once a month but it's still close enough.
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