Finally scheduled an interview/tour

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  1. Rayver723

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    for 10/17 9pm

    so what should i expect? what does the tour include? interview process? what type of questions do they ask? between tour/interview and actually being hired, how long of a process is this? i read in a previous thread, you need a medical exam prior to being hired, is this true? anyways,
    any info and help is appreciated
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    do a search and check some of the other threads and responses
  3. Mystakilla

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    They used to fingerprint everybody and do a background check back in the day, they got away from that in my area anyhow, they are so hurting to get people to work they will hire anyone these days...

    Problem is these days, who wants to come to work for UPS making 8.50 an hour when this wage is so close to minium wage and in turn work your butt off. Yea yea i know, most people just work at ups for the workout... :lol:
  4. Rayver723

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    so i was set to go to a tour/interview tomorrow night,but some family commitment at the same time has come up. yesterday i checked my online status of the appointment and it seems it was cancelled or no record of it.
    i just assumed i could cancel or reschedule online anytime before the meeting starts or just go in there at the time i book.
    well, ive been out of town over the weekend and did not have my cellphone. mistakingly, i gave my main contact number to UPS for my cellphone. i checked the messages HR representative saying they have my application and wanted to talk to them about what they have etc. I have no idea when he called, i assume a couple days ago during the morning. So i re-booked another appointment a week from now. Should i return this guys message and apologize for not returning the call earlier? and let hm know i verescheduled it for next week. I thought i could just show up at the meeting/tour, i didnt know they would call ahead of time. unfortunately, not the impression i want to give to them initially.

    now back to the interview process, ive read previous posts seems very thorough and long process. tour, 2 interviews, 1-2 week background check, etc.

    some questions ive read here, they'll ask why you chose UPS. I'll just mention i want more work experience and was looking for a night job that offered good benefits. I've had friends that worked in similar type jobs and companies. Also being a part time student, etc.

    posted on here before that i sort of have a disability with my right arm since i was born, should i make that known right away if i call the HR rep or at the 1st interview? that it might be an issue lifting larger packages?

    also about the background check, mine is clean, no issues here. but i read that they even check your credit, i dont have the best record with that. like most i'm looking for a job to the pay the bills, debt, etc. if my record seems a bit high in that area, could that be an issue that i need to explain?

    thanks for all the help, sorry this post is long.
  5. MR_Vengeance

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    do you have problem lifting heavy items? this might not be the job for you because you will use your arms all the time.
  6. OldUPSDriver

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    Your history as far as UPS is concerned.
  7. Rayver723

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    what does that mean lol. so because i didn return a call, i have no chance now? i guess i could just apply to another facility in the area, but its a longer drive. maybe 20 mins or so, compared to that one which is 10 mins away from where i live.

    I could lift packages up to 70lbs, but maybe if they are wider in shape, etc i might have an issue there
  8. Homoudont

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    UPS will hire you as long as you have a pulse. After you get hired its up to you and your work ethic to show you belong. As long as you show a sense of urgency you'll be fine.
  9. Rayver723

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    thanks for the reply, back to the question. because i havent returned that reps call in a timely manner, does that affect my chances negatively?
    i was unaware of a precall interview,i just assumed i show up on that day on time, thats it. should i notify them that i booked an appointment for next week instead?
  10. toeknee2gx

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    As long as you rescheduled, just show up next week and be on time .....good luck!
  11. Rayver723

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    So did any of you get a call from an HR rep prior to the interview/tour? i guess i should call back out of courtesy and update them about the situation, that i rescheduled for next week. but is it necessary and will they hold it against an applicant if they dont? Maybe the HR rep is doing normal procedure and just notifying the applicants, that i should not make a big deal out of it lol
  12. Rayver723

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    So i called but got his machine. apparently he's a recruiter for that facility. not sure where that ranks on the totem pole along the hiring/interview process. just wanted to give me the breakdown of what they have, if i'm possibly interested, etc. since he's probably gone for the day, i guess i'll try tomorrow or maybe its not necessary.
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  13. muyl2

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    I don't know about other centers, but here in Louisville 1st interview is really simple. Recruiters will collect your personal information(education, experiances, censent for background check and ect..) Then they explain the type of work available(part time), some union and benefits info and answer your questions. You go home and wait for their phone call. I don't think it's that hard to get in, but like others said it's hard work. Good luck with the interview.
    BTW, a friend of mine got interviewed and has waited since June to be called up(Air Ramp), but it's not happenning just yet. Anyone else waited a long time as well in Louisville?
  14. Rayver723

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    wow since june? did you friend just move on for other opportunities? thats a long time to wait. hopefully in the facility i'm going to tonight, they are hiring for package handlers since its closer to the holidays. ive read several weeks wait on here from some and its sort of a long process, but hopefully not months. if so, i'll just move on and find something else if it comes down to that
  15. LKLND3380

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    Did your friend not pass the background check?
  16. muyl2

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    I'm certain he passed. He said he followed up many times after the interview. He told me every time he called, the reps said there was nothing he can do but wait, and they never gave any status or progress. The last time I heard, the center stopped hiring new part-timers until end of the year(holiday season I assume). He gave up waiting and took a job at local Walmart recently.
  17. Rayver723

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    well, i went last night, tour was okay, the guy kind of made it a classroom type setting with his presentation, then asking questions to myself and 3 others. tour was during their shift till 10:30, so we watched on their guys loading the trailers. anyways, i went in the interview barely 10-15 secs in. like i posted here before i had some concerns about let them know about an issue w/ my arm, since i was born premature. well, i guess the guy noticed when i walked in, so i was straight forward; telling him i could handle up to 70lbs. he had concerns about keep up with the fast pace and judging the weight of heavier items loading onto to trailers. so basically he said i didnt fit their minimum requirements in that aspect and maybe a less physical job was better off. Mentioned that if i was offered a spot, i would fall behind in their monthly stats or something and after 70 days could be let go. He was thinking of other scenarios like a drivers helper, but none seemed to fit. So yeah, filled out a form and sitting down, listening to him talk, i was out there within a couple mins. barely got into the interview part lol. anyways, 2 of the other people there were older women, i'd guess maybe in their 50-60's, i'd be curious to know if they got an offer. oh well, i was just looking for a part time, night job, but this didnt work out. I'd assume if i tried FedEx they'd have similar concerns. back to the job search again lol.
  18. Rayver723

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    so like i mentioned i didnt get the UPS job, i just applied online a package handler for FedEx. what the heck, i'll probably get the same response, but i'll try. their interview process seem less informal, no appointments, just show up at a sort observation. unfortunately they require previous job references, unlike UPS.i lack job experience in that area, other than being part of the family business. anyone gone to a fedex interview, is it more detailed than UPS. any info on this would be appreciated

    Thank you for your interest in Job PHSSFR -- Package Handler
    Thank you for taking the time to complete our job profile for the position of Package Handler. Based upon the job requirements, your responses appear to match the minimum specifications for this particular job. If there is further interest, applicants must first attend a Sort Observation held at our facility every Monday through Friday at 4:30 AM (for early morning shift) and 7PM (for evening shift). For sort observation, please wear warehouse appropriate shoes. Bring information for your 3 previous employers (dates of employment, employer name, supervisor name, and contact phone number).
  19. Mystakilla

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    Shouldnt of told them anything bout your arm, could of just got hired and see what you body could handle just by doing it then if it was to much you could of always quit, and on the flip side, it may have worked out for you! Sounds to me like they predetermined your condition, discrimination if you ask me. At my hub we got people that cant hear, some people can hardly walk, havent seen any blind ones YET, lol.

    Well good luck in all that you try.