Fired for not filing grievance

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    Some might say you know how to work well under the desk. ;)
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    You're talking about @Indecisi0n right?
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    Careful. He might ban you.
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    Naaa first just a suspension
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    OP is done! UPS Flawless Victory FATALITY!!!
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    I would say closer to 97%-98%. There is a small group that managers just like to pick on for whatever reason. The other 2%-3% are walking cluster F&^%$. By law, they pay their dues and deserve representation every time. 95% of the time they get away with whatever they did because management is so bad at documenting stuff. BUT, the managers only have to get lucky one time before the consequence is fatal to a career. Watched too many guys push the envelope for 5 or 10 years thinking they can't get fired permanently. Next thing you know they are at grievance panel and they lose. At that point, it is always the Union's fault for not protecting them. Rare but true.

    Your statement about 95% is dead on. Makes you wonder why management spends so much time beating up on that group. POOR management.

    Always blame it on the Canadians.
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    I get the attitude from some of the BAs statewide that UPSers are trouble makers, thieves, and dumb. That's most of the folks they see at the panel level. What a shortsighted assessment.

    When I see posters on here degrading UPSers as whiners and spoiled I remember the 15 days we stood on the strike line facing unknown circumstances about our family's future's but we hung tight, saved our healthcare from becoming HMOs, repelled performance based raises, and the pension increase we earned was given to every affected teamster that didn't even work at ups.

    Come say that trash to our faces. Talk is cheap and the truth is displayed by the money and benefits we get paid...

    because we stand together.
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    I'm w
    I'm with you on some agents thinking UPS guys aren't real Teamsters and all that, but I also know a lot of agents that came from UPS think that freight, carhaul and white paper guys are lazy. The strongest Locals are the mixed ones where there is a nice mix on their Boards. Too much of anything usually means someone is going under represented.

    I will say that from talking to so many of the other industries in my Local and other Locals, things like mandatory O/T and management are even worse there but understood as part of a job that was accepted. I believe that might do with a little different hiring practice and industry standard. UPS tends to hire younger and prefer college. Freight and Carhaul seem to hire a little older and seasoned individuals(CDL A requires at least 21 YO) and experience is preferred. Seems to be more family in those groups(might be age) where we have more young guys that can't wait to hit the bar and chase tail. A young guy with large money in his pocket has different priority than the more seasoned UPS guy. We tend to retire earlier than them as well since most have no benefits when they leave
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    Some people (a small minority)

    Are still living in 1997....
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    another blanket statement...

    meaning nothing.

    Does the shoe fit? Or is someone (a small minority) still whining about UPSers still working today who bit the bullet in 97?

    Since some of the membership's parents remember the real teamster leadership in the distant past and what they did for them are they still living in the past or appreciating sacrifices made that people reaped off of years later?

    Live today...

    remembering how you got where you are.

    And have some respect.
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    Respect is earned.... not given.
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    How does one get fired 50 times ??
    I’ve been here 30 yrs and never came close to being fired !!
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    It's a BS story....
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    when they fire you for production number, which they can't, It's easy to get a # that high over 27 years. Plus skipping disciplinary progression to get to a termination got 25 or more thrown out.
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    what the hell do you know. AS far as i can tell you're a complete :censored2:
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