Firing and suspensions for misloads

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    Have you heard of firings and or suspensions for misloads by preloaders. I've worked as a preloader and 22.3 for 20 years just got a suspension letter for misloads over half of them were never brought to my attention.
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    This post smells a little fishy.

    1. You worked as a preloader and 22.3 for 20 years I want to know how you got the 22.3 job without driving? The progression for Union people go PT, FT Driver, than feeder or 22.3 jobs .
    What are you doing loading package cars again?

    2. With 20 years of service you should know how the system works becasue with that much time you must have been written up and threaten with suspension and termination more than once.

    3. You got a suspension letter in the mail but where never verbaly warned or written up with a steward witnessing it? Better yet told that your where getting suspended.

    4. Article 22.3 jobs have not been around for ever (meaning they use to be full paying jobs.)
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    Ya I've seen a couple people on here say they were punished for misloads. In our center I never see anyone punished for misloads. I get 1 for every 2,000 or so pieces and the supervisors/management make sure I know about it, but all they know is its a missort on one truck that belonged on this other truck. I really wish they had more information on misloads like was the package double pal'd or the package had the wrong pal label on it or other possibilities that are very hard to catch. No preloaders have time to compare the pal label with the original or have time to see the address on the pal label so if the wrong pal label is on a package then the only chance you have of catching it is if your are very familiar with that particular truck. Probably 75% of my misloads are my error but that doesnt take into account that I have to catch missorts from others in front of me or packages that purposely come to me that have to be relayed to another belt down the line and that 1 of my 3 trucks is an "extra" truck that frequently gets double pals and switches between a couple route numbers. That truck coincidently is the truck that 90% of my misloads are on.
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    In our area, 22.3 jobs are come before full-time driving for the most part, upsguy.
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    I guess your area is special becasue in my are 22.3 jobs are impossible to get unless you have over 20-25 years of service.
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    I worked partime as a preloader for 14 years in small center They created 3 22.3 jobs there none of which was filled by a driver ( although a driver did try it but changed his mind didn't like the preload and didn't MAKE AS MUCH MONEY) I was highest in senority of partime an took it. Other half of position is porter thankless job but easy and stress free. Never had a warning letter about my loading till this new policy as
  8. krap5

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    All 3 22.3 positions are held by previous partime preloaders
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    98% of misloads are on one car and for another car that I load Its also an area that is switched back and forth between the two routes They are always on the same driver.
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    thank you! I load between 700 to 800 packages a day in a 4 to 4.5 hr day. Most days were running into the drivers because we can't get the feeders in in time So we're not even getting a chance to finish our loads. I probably get a misload every 7000 to 8000.
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    In my local 22.3 don't load package cars PT'ers due. However we have one building that is one of two in the coutry that has a 8 hr shift of loaders that get payed full timer driver rate.
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    I don't get driver pay thats for sure! Its a combo job I work preload then porter.
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    Have you called your business agent. If not I would call them to let them know what is going on.
  15. Dragon

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    I probably get a misload every 7000 to 8000.

    You can start in my center tomorrow morning with that misload frequency!! I will take the hit for any misloads you may have!!!
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    Im in your area and i have a 22.3 job and have been full times less than ten years.also there are a number of people in this local that are full time that never were drivers.
  17. grgrcr88

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    The answer to your question is YES, there have been many suspensions served in our local due to misloads. I would suggest you take more time and make sure your accuracy is first, speed second!!
  18. 705red

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    You are kidding us right?
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    Im still human and will always makes mistakes. My drivers would back me. I don't understand this policy. Guess I'll file a grievance
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    14 years as a part timer? All of the long term part timers I know own their own small businesses to fill the remainder of their day. They latch on with UPS for the benefits thus saving that expense with their own company. Most are landscapers, builders or in some kind of trade.
    You may need a geographical cure. Bid to another building. Good luck brother.