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    The company can fire someone for acting too goofy? The union says first they would have to fight for U, but I don't know if I believe any of it. I used to hit away at myself (meaning slap or punch myself on the head). A lot of times when I'm at work I don't think I'm not at work anymore; I think that I'm on the unemployment line feeling sad that I lost my job! But that's just thinking; it was a long time ago so just let it go, and forget about it?
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    This thread brought to you by Clozapine. " Clozapine, when everyone`s out to get you."
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    Dude need help and lots of it.
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    You're not Goofy, but something is wrong with you if you hit yourself.
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    umm .........................................
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    If I started a thread like this, I would beat the crap out of myself!!

    Pow pow, kempo on oneself is not a good thing for a sustaining employment.

    What would the union say?? Please don't fire him, he's already taken a beating!
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    Don't touch , leave the area and notify a supervisor.
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    Did you forget to take your medication today ?
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    If you need help call 867-5309 it's the corporate number.
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    I see dead people.
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    Suddenly, I feel really good about myself!
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    Doubt you can get fired for that.After all,you obviously passed the " if youre breathing,your hired test". You sound more like management material however..........
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    How's the view?
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    You shouldn't beat yourself, you could go blind.
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    Go blond?? Oh "blind" , sorry I don't see so well anymore.
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    Maybe they were just saying that to scare me. It was the third time management warned me. I felt like I had to write this down to get it off my chest! Maybe I was making the company look bad because if something bad happened to me the full-time supervisor would've lost his job.
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    I'll risk one eye, and then stop.
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    Why are you, who is so perfect, in need of a sup to break jams? I would have thought you could do it all. Right, superman?
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    You really are funny. What other pearls can you offer up for me to laugh at?