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    I was wondering if it was like this everywhere as maybe some new rules came into play or something, but The first aid Kit that's bolted to the supervisors desk has been empty ever since i started working there about 5 months ago. It has a list of what should be in it and then someones signature and dated in 2007. I cut my finger open pretty good about a month ago and my supervisor handed me like 10 band aids from his jacket, i asked if they had some gauze or some tape and they said no so i had to make due with what i had until i got home. wondering if there is some sort of rule that says they have to keep it stocked? Common sense would tell me yes, but then again i assumed they would take every precaution as to not get fined or something so it kind of confuses me.
  2. cachsux

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    First aid kits are full here but they are all self administered.
  3. Baba gounj

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    Who is your safety compliance auditor ?
    if unknown , then contact OSHA
  4. soberups

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    Bring it to the attention of your Safety Comittee.

    They wont actually solve the problem....but they might be able to fill the first aid kit with a stack of 10-pt commentaries that you can use to stop the bleeding until such time as areal band-aid can be located.
  5. rod

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    You don't actually expect a company that preaches saftey saftey saftey to have a fully stocked 1st aid kit do you? Silly rabbit
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    You reported this injury to your supervisor as you're supposed to. Good job!
    I hope you also went to the emergency room?
  7. over9five

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    I will add that first aid kits in Chema are kept stocked, and are "self administered" as someone else said.

    I always take this to mean you will bleed to death before anyone would help you....
  8. Mavrick70004

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    It took my full time supervisor, the building supervisor and the safety manager to conclude i did not need to go to the "clinic" and a injury report was not filed, the injury was located on my knuckle and probably should have been stitched just because i had a similar cut on my other hand some time ago and it would not stay closed but i did not want to push the issue since i might have still been on probation so i just wore a finger splint for about two weeks . Not sure who the auditor is ill have to take a closer look at the signature that's on the first aid kit. The part i find funny is that last week we had a safety audit and ill put money that he walked by the first aid kit at least 5 times without opening it haha
  9. 705red

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    Any of these 3 sups have an M.D? Only you can decide if you need medical treatment after receiving an on the job injury. They talked you out of it so their numbers looked good, thats it THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, ME or ANYONE else!
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    Was thinkin the same thing. Show me your license to practice medicine and I will listen to your recommendation. Until then, I decide whether or not I need to seek medical treatment for my injury.

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    UPS is not required to have first aid kits anywhere but in the offices. BUT If your building does have first aids kits they are required to be fully stocked. Quite honestly I am surprised buildings still have first aid kits that are accessible to hourly employees. Most buldings in my region have done away with the first aid kits. So if you have First Aids kits around your building and they are not stocked, UPS is in violation. My advice to any management people out there, is to take them down. Saved my district a ton of headaches.
  12. MonavieLeaker

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    How bout we take you down so your employees wont have a headache anymore?
  13. Integrity

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    Item 12 of the Annual CHSP Facility Audit is titled First Aid Kits. The first element that is checked is if the first aid kits are placed in areas throughout the building for accessibility.


  14. Integrity

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    An injury is not officially considered reported unless it is called in to and a claim# is issued. This is true even if you are only administering first aid to yourself. The UPS Injury Prevention Report is then created. You are also entitled to a copy of the UPS Injury Reports that pertain to your injury.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Here is a perfect example of your ignorance. Item 12 is titled First Aid Kits. They only need to be accessible to management, and there is no set number on how many you need. I have done Facility Audits, and I have deducted points for not having the First Aid Kits stocked.

    Two buildings of the same size had First Aid Kits. One had 30 First Aid kits and the other had 4. Both buildings First Aid Kits were in compliance and the both were awarded the same amount of points. This has been a hot topic lately and when I talk to other managers, I tell them to take them down. You cheap union people steal the contents of the First Aid kits so you don't have to buy band aids and ice packs at home anyhow.
  16. Baba gounj

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    my, my ,my that is quite a wild claim. Quickly install cameras to stop all this grand thief and post pictures of all these master criminals.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Free Healthcare does not mean you can steal the company band aids and ice packs.
  18. over9five

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    I agree with Baba. Have you reported this theft to Loss Prevention? I'm sure they'd want to investigate this heinous crime (if it exists).
  19. CRASH501

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    As an emt i used to keep it well stocked for our center im willing to bet its empty now
  20. iowa boy

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    Now, if I was a thief, there are a lot more things to steal than cheap bandaids that don't stick to the injured area or icepacks that dont get cold due to their age. I can spring for some good bandaids that will stick to my skin and not fall off after 5 minutes. I don't know about you, but I have a lot more UPS brown pens that always work even when they sit in the truck outside when its -10 outside. The cheap ass bandaids that us union people steal won't stick to my skin after being exposed to the cold for 5 minutes.