First Year As A Seasonal Driver Trying To Land A FT Job

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by JohnHolmes, Dec 28, 2018.

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    It all really depends on your area and center, we were begging for FT drivers for a while, hired some of the preloaders and now they know why we bitch so much when they mess up loading our trucks lol
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    I am in the same position. I feel like I did great, worked hard, volunteered for everything, put in as many hours as I possibly could. I asked today and my SUP's told me that my best bet is to come on as a package handler and apply for cover driver positions as they come up.

    I asked, do you all keep anyone on, and his reply was, yeah we for sure keep the good ones.


    Biggest problem for me is our center was a seasonal center that they talked about keeping open. Well, because of low volume UPS wide, they decided to not keep it open. Now, I guess I am in limbo.

    i did catch on early to the dangle of the carrot. It didn't stop me from working hard, because I just like to work hard, but it did make me think that just maybe, I should figure something else out.
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    It happened to me they called in Feb to see if I was still interested then March I went to intergrad. Then I qualified.
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