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No-scans/misloads. We actually have a new center "rule" that states we must have everything sorted and all misloads scanned in by 2pm so management can run around in their personal vehicles to deliver them. Had several young drivers receive warning letters for it: "not properly following the methods." Shop steward is fighting them every step of the way.

Our most veteran driver asked at the PCM why are drivers receiving disciplinary action for the mistakes of preload? Our misloads are out of control right now (training new seasonal hires) and we are expected to pick up the slack.

Our center manager didn't like that question.


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You think I actually know what my sort manager wants? That'd require him to figure out what he wants first.

And to be able to communicate it in a way that doesn't involve incoherent falsetto screaming into his walkie.


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but that’s the danger of criticizing a driver for backing too much.

Correct. We have had an accident charged in our center that was specifically because the driver was trying to avoid a back. It was a freak thing that I bring up during every 'do not back' jag.
Our flavor is using the cradle. My diad sticks, so I use my pouch and use the cradle when I am going back to the building. I could probably start using it when I go to my area, that would double my current usage.
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Last week the sup walked around with these little sheets that had a guideline of progressive discipline for misloads and wanted everyone to sign it saying that we understood and accepted the guidelines. I glanced through it and the last one mentioned was "termination." Laughed in his face and put down RTS.
Don't even put RTS. That can still be considered a valid signature.


Don't even put RTS. That can still be considered a valid signature.

Doesn't matter.

"ARTICLE 6. Section 1. Extra Contract Agreements
Except as may be otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Em- ployer agrees not to enter into, or attempt to enter into, any agree- ment or contract with its employees, either individually or collec- tively, or to require or attempt to require employees to sign any document, either individually or collectively, which in any way conficts with the provisions of this Agreement.
Any such Agree- ment or document shall be null and void. Any such agreement or document may not be placed in an employee’s fle or used by the Employer as a basis for discipline or used in connection with any disciplinary proceeding, nor may any such agreement or document nor the contents thereof be divulged to any person or entity.
In addition, the Company will not discipline an employee for refus- ing to sign any Company form related to the principle of a fair day’s work unless the signing is required by law or by this Agreement."

Sign, or don't. If you choose not to, you better be sure that the thing you are being asked to sign is in conflict with the contract, or that you are not required to by law.


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Perfect example of why this little Swedish kid is mentally ill. WhoTF sits in dirty muddy snow when you have a nice warm lodge to take your photo ops in?

Little mental case.
I can think of better places to whine about global warming than sitting in a snow bank.

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Steward was not present to inform management it could not even be presented, since it was an extra contract agreement not recognized by the union?


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I heard stories about things that happened to strike line crossers out of your building back then.

Cars scratched, windshields broken, after harassed until they quit. Houses smashed up. We have one guy here who scabbed a few days (pregnant wife and small children) they put together a fund for him and he got on the right side of the picket line but he wasn't having a good time. He's still here when he retires I will probaably take his sweet route. Though I keep thinking I should go feeder. I don't want to work nights again.

I wasn't there but have heard a lot of stories. Scabs you will never survive working every day for the rest of your career next to the rest of us. You scab and the rest of your life will be a living hell