Florida Gators


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Well people, now is the time AGAIN for the Florida Gator basketball to rule the nation and win ANOTHER National Championship! GOOOO GATORS!!!! GO GATORS!!! GOOOOOOO GATORS!!!!!!!!! and just like in the football championship earlier this year, Florida over Ohio State on monday night. GOOOOOOOOO GATORS!!!! Gators are UNBEATABLE!


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Wait.......wait just a minute........

A thought is coming to me....... kinda like ESP......


I'm right, aren't I? Don't deny it. I'm good at this..... It's a gift.


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what is a buckeye
A buckeye is a nut that grows on a tree, looks a lot like a chestnut.

Here we go again - Florida vs OSU just like the Championship Game

If OSU does not win this one, the OSU fans will be jumping into the Scioto River.

May the best team win - this is one of my favorite sporting events.

These kids play harder than the Pro teams, who look like they play in slow motion!!!

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Even though I'm a Tennessee fan, and not much of a basketball fan, I'm pulling for the Gators. I hope the Gators route the Buckeyes like they did in the football title game. My Tennessee Vols have to be kicking themselves in the arse while watching this game. They beat the Gators during the tail end of the season and totally blew it against the Buckeyes in the "Sweet 16" (Bruce Pearl probably wishes he'd put more time in on foul shots in practice). Like I said...not much of a basketball fan though. I will be at work while it's on and would probably just flip back and forth between it and something else if I was actually home.