1. Over70irregs

    Who put their UPS stub online? C’mon bro 🤦‍♀️…….

    Why bro? Looking for haterade..
  2. w__t___f

    Missing paycheck... need some advise plz

    So, I have been missing a paycheck since last Friday. Here it is, Wednesday, and my manager said my paycheck from last week still shows as "pending." How could that be if I have the paystub and it shows "final" on my end. It's almost as if they want me to stop asking about it but I could just be...
  3. 7


    Hello I'm new to ups I been working as a loader on the truck but I've not been paid yet this is the third week can anyone point me in the right direction I work at the facility in Walton Kentucky sorry if this post is in the wrong category it's kind of urgent my number Is 8126470419 and my name...
  4. S

    Sleeper team transparency

    Long story short, I went from first day on preload to feeder and now sleeper team in a little over 4 year at the company. In that time I became a steward when I was a package car driver for various reason. Now I try to be as active as a sleeper team member can be ( it can be difficult when you...
  5. specter208

    Dbl Time for 6th Punch?

    Have received a paycheck with double time pay for the 6th punch. Currently a PT with a T-S schedule. I thought 6th punch was only X1.5? Possible glitch in time-clock computer or payroll error?
  6. G

    Former employee with UPS - unable to get my paycheck

    Hello, I browsed the FAQ and think this may be the right forum to post in. I was employed with UPS for 10 years and quit September 2017. Shortly afterwards I received a letter in the mail stating that there were approximately 2-3 paychecks never cashed and they were trying to verify my address...

    Wage Reduction? can you fight it? "On topic"

    Hi all, has anyone been through this or something similar? So here’s the situation. I’ve got an employee who transferred from Oakland CA to Lathrop CA back when the building first opened. Up until a few weeks ago he was making the wage rate that he made in Oakland CA due to the city ordinance...
  8. posk96

    driver starting wage

    I was a seasonal driver this past peak season in los angeles ca and wage was 18.75 then i was hired as a permanent driver i was sent to integrad and i passed now i wonder how much ima going to start an hour as a permanet driver or im keeping the same 18.75 i dont feel confortable tu ask the...
  9. S

    Tuition Assistance Program

    Hey there, Who knows how long it takes the tuition program people to send you the money that they approved for the tuition assistance program. I have been waiting for it for more than a month. Also, how I will get the check?By mail or with my paycheck? Thanks for your help in advance
  10. O

    January vacation. ...please read

    For anyone who took the first few weeks of January for vacation. Check your paycheck the company now has the practice of just paying 40 hours and not a 1/52 of your yearly total. And they're claiming they didn't have time to figure out the math. Please spread the word and ask coworkers to check...
  11. E

    Seasonal helper can't get last paycheck

    i was a seasonal driver helper this peak, turned in my uniform (like I would have wanted to keep it), told my sup I'd pick up my last check at the security shack, went there & guess what? No check. They first said they mailed it but a week later, still no check. I've called the hub, the HR Mgr...
  12. iceiceice

    Seasonal Driver Helper last paycheck help

    I'm a seasonal driver helper and on my last day (12/26/2017) I've only work for 1 hour and 36 minutes. I didn't go to the building yesterday to get it because when I went there last week they said they can just send it by mail. I tried to call the number they gave us but no one answered. Anyone...
  13. Number24

    "View Your Paycheck" Not Working

    Am I the only one who has not been able to access "View Your Paycheck" option? I have not been able to see my pay stub for a few months now and it's pissing me off!
  14. U

    When is the last day for casuals?

    Anyone know?
  15. B


    I just switched from Sprint to Verizon and I want to get the UPS discount but Verizon needs employer domain any ideas?
  16. U


    Is 401k offered to part time employees
  17. B

    Quitting and the final paycheck-On Topic

    Started with UPS around Nov. 6th. Long story short, worked as a loader, got shunted to unloading, was fed up because of the peak season hours. Quit on the 30th of last month and 3 weeks later STILL have not seen hide nor hair of the paycheck for my last week there. Keep calling HR and/or...
  18. T

    Direct deposit

    How long does it take for new hires to receive their first paycheck direct deposit
  19. AndrewYSO

    Paycheck question

    I worked for UPS for only about a week and a half and I ended up getting a new job. When I setup how I was getting paid I dont remember what setting I chose. I got a ADP Visa card in the mail but whenever I try to log in, it says security information was incorrect and when I call to see if a...
  20. M

    The Six Day Tradeoff

    Cyber Monday week was hell, then the six day bomb dropped on my head, basically like surviving Hiroshima only to flee to Nagasaki. Two weeks later, peak has become ridiculously easy with the amount of routes they're running daily (plus a great helper), despite two snowfalls during that time. I...