Found a news story about a harrassed driver

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    I have heard of a Teamster's BA that was a former union pkg car driver exercising his "retrieval rights" and returning to pkg cars.
    This Business Agent's departure from the union hall is said to be due to political upheaval, not of his choosing, within the local union hierachy.
    Did he get the route he wanted? I don't know. Did he get to dovetail into the seniority list which might entitle him to bump someone such as the driver mentioned in the story? Possibly.
    Are the Kingston driver's stories of flippant and capricious enforcement/harassment of rules that, seemingly, are pulled out of the air to suit the moment true? Yes, but I haven't seen it to this "unholy" degree.
    It is curious that Dave Cole's record, reputation and community appeal seems to be beyond question prior to this incident. Coincidence? Draw your own conclusions.
    Am I happy to see his story published in a widely distributed newspaper? Exceedingly.:thumbup1:
    The public needs to know.
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    I've always thought that news paper articles were supposed to be unbiased. I'm not questioning whether or not this guy is being treated wrong but to end the column with, "What can brown do for you?" in that sarcastic manner seems to take a shot at the entire company and not just this guy's center and doesn't take any shots at the Teamsters who seems to have left this guy out to hang!
    Say what you want about your situation but I for one know that it's not like that everywhere. I feel bad for this guy because I don't doubt that this is true and I agree with his decision to tell his story since it doesn't look like they're letting up on him and the union isn't protecting him.
    Good luck to him.
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    Interesting to hear about this. I work under Charles Brown, It doesn't suprise me one bit. Poor shlub. Have a great thanksgiving everyone.
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    "Cole said the Union is useless in such situations and the two sides cavort like best buddies. "The Union would be wounded if they lost UPS. UPS represents about 80% of Teamster’s membership."

    The hourly workers are the Union, not management or corporate... The comment makes it seem like Corp decides if the Teamsters are in or out...